• veggieLUhorizontal

    What do you put in YOUR smoothie?


    If you have been following my blog, then you know I don’t wanna have ANYTHING to do with eating veggies. At all. HOWWWWEVER, I am certainly open to trying new ways to incorporate them in somehow and my sweet husband…

  • Bigggggg2

    This ACTUALLY happened to me today! You must watch NOW! :)


    THIS may be one of the COOLEST moments ever!!  Many years ago before I was a Mommy, I lived in Nashville, TN and had two friends who I adored, Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich.  I introduced them to each…


    I don’t think I will be getting Mom of the year with this one!


    In our house, we currently have a 12 year old wiener dog and he is our only pet!  The thing is, I love animals…really, I do. I love our dog and I have loved and cared for him since he…


    Matchy Match…what do you recommend?


    I have two daughters. Lily who just turned nine and Luna who is about to be two next month.  Why the big age difference you ask? Well, truthfully it wasn’t my initial plan. Divorce and then that whole Breast Cancer…

  • LunaHUMMUS

    Veggie help needed!


    I am a super picky eater and since we have moved to the country (one month now and counting), I have really been trying to focus on eating healthier foods and opening up my food repertoire.  Thankfully, my almost two…

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