• LUNABlowdryer

    Am I the only one who does weird stuff like this??!


    My almost one and a half year old baby girl LOVES when I blow dry my hair. Seriously. Every single time I blow dry my hair (which is usually only two times a week cus I can’t be bothered with…


    I cannot WAIT for this movie!!!


    I read the book Heaven Is For Real a few years back and never stopped thinking about it. THEN, I find out that they have turned it into a movie and it’s coming out next month…when I tell you I…

  • T25

    This workout is INSANITY…literally.


    So recently when I stepped on my Wii Fit Balance Board, it weighed me and told me I had gained 17.1 pounds since my last visit which was approximately five years ago. Whoopsie! Nothing like a computer telling you that…

  • BFF's for LIfe



    My childhood best friend and I are STILL best friends and we have been best friends for … well, let’s just say it’s been a long time. Like, our entire lives. lol  I love that we don’t even talk every…


    Boo boo’s stink!


    My eight year old looooooves to hula hoop. She gets this from her Momma. lol  One of my many talents. Ok, that’s a lie. I don’t really have any talents, but I am super good at hula hooping for some…

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