Veggie help needed!


    I am a super picky eater and since we have moved to the country (one month now and counting), I have really been trying to focus on eating healthier foods and opening up my food repertoire.  Thankfully, my almost two…


    Proof that women can do anything!


    I love the idea that women can do anything! Anything at all. I wish there was more marketing out there that showed real women. Real women doing things. Like, I love the Dove Real Beauty campaign that uses real looking…


    Why do we do this to our kids on Halloween?


    Seriously. Look at her face. lol  She is like…”are you SERIOUS with this costume Mommy?!”  So this pink poodle comes to my almost two year old as a hand me down from her nine year old sister.  I loooooved putting…


    Baseball memories with my Dad


    When Fanatics.com asked me if I would like to share one of my favorite baseball memories as part of their baseball fanatics campaign…I instantly said yes because I knew the one I wanted to share! Growing up in California, our family LOVED…


    The City Mommy and The Country Mommy


    I grew up in Los Angeles, California and as I am sure you can imagine…it’s about as far away from the “country” as you can imagine. lol  After I left the big city, I moved to Nashville. Now, that is…

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