• church

    “When did she become SO religious?”


    Recently a dear friend of mine told me that while he was having lunch with a mutual friend of ours (who I haven’t seen in a while) they asked him about me and said…”When did she become SO religious?” I…

  • scary2

    How scary is too scary for kids?


    Do you let your kids watch PG-13 movies if they are NOT 13 years old? We usually never do but we made an exception a few years back when we let our then 7 year old (now 9) watch the…


    Is it bad to call your child, “Baby Beast?”


    You know when you see a kid in a restaurant, a store or any public place really and they are pitching a conniption fit the size of Texas? If you don’t have kids, it definitely makes you not want any…

  • veggieLUhorizontal

    What do you put in YOUR smoothie?


    If you have been following my blog, then you know I don’t wanna have ANYTHING to do with eating veggies. At all. HOWWWWEVER, I am certainly open to trying new ways to incorporate them in somehow and my sweet husband…

  • Bigggggg2

    This ACTUALLY happened to me today! You must watch NOW! :)


    THIS may be one of the COOLEST moments ever!!  Many years ago before I was a Mommy, I lived in Nashville, TN and had two friends who I adored, Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich.  I introduced them to each…

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