Dear Target,


    Does anyone else go into Target for say like three things on your list and you leave with like 87 things you don’t even really need?  What in the world ISSSSSS that??!!!  I went into Target the other day to…

  • church

    “When did she become SO religious?”


    Recently a dear friend of mine told me that while he was having lunch with a mutual friend of ours (who I haven’t seen in a while) they asked him about me and said…”When did she become SO religious?” I…

  • scary2

    How scary is too scary for kids?


    Do you let your kids watch PG-13 movies if they are NOT 13 years old? We usually never do but we made an exception a few years back when we let our then 7 year old (now 9) watch the…


    Is it bad to call your child, “Baby Beast?”


    You know when you see a kid in a restaurant, a store or any public place really and they are pitching a conniption fit the size of Texas? If you don’t have kids, it definitely makes you not want any…

  • veggieLUhorizontal

    What do you put in YOUR smoothie?


    If you have been following my blog, then you know I don’t wanna have ANYTHING to do with eating veggies. At all. HOWWWWEVER, I am certainly open to trying new ways to incorporate them in somehow and my sweet husband…

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