• Lunahat1_fotor

    You can leave your hat on…


    Literally. My year and half year old would wear hats allllll day long if she could. I have always loved hats and she is definitely her Momma’s daughter. There could be a million different things to play with in my…

  • startingover

    Starting Over!


    The message at my Church this last month has been…starting over!  It hit home with me alot especially because our Pastor, Andy Stanley, said something that really struck a nerve. “How far into your future do you intend to carry the angst…


    Little people. Little hiding spaces.


    My one and a half year old daughter loves to nestle herself in the most random places.  Knooks in our house, boxes, closets, behind doors and it makes me laugh every time I  catch her!  She always has this look…

  • WWJD

    What Would Jesus Do?


    I remember when I saw people wearing those WWJD bracelets years and years ago, I felt a little judgey…like, why do you need to wear a silly bracelet that asks What Would Jesus Do? Shouldn’t you just “know” what He…

  • LUNABlowdryer

    Am I the only one who does weird stuff like this??!


    My almost one and a half year old baby girl LOVES when I blow dry my hair. Seriously. Every single time I blow dry my hair (which is usually only two times a week cus I can’t be bothered with…

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