Am I the only weirdo?

food3Ok wait, on second thought…don’t answer that. lol I already know I’m a weirdo but I guess I want to know if anyone else has a weird issue like this too. While I was in the hospital with my mom all last week, we had tons of deep discussions but we also had really silly ones too. For example:

Weird food things.

I do not like apples. I like apple sauce. I like apple juice. I like apple pie. I like apple martinis. But plain ol’ apples? Meh. Not so much. Not even caramel apples on a stick.

food2I do not like tomatoes. I like salsa. I like tomato soup. I like ketchup. I love spaghetti sauce. But plain ol’ tomatoes? Meh. Not so much. Oh and no to Bloody Mary’s too.

Mushrooms? Nope. On pizza? Yes.

I don’t like one single vegetable. I have tried them cooked EVERY way possible but a big fat N to the O, NO to veggies. BUT hide them in a smoothie with fruit and I am all in.

Jalapenos? LOVE! Can’t get enough. I pile them high on my Mexican food.food1

So there ya go. That’s probably not even everything either. If you asked my hubster, he would probably have a much longer list of weird food things about me. 🙂 I love that my all my friends know and accept this about me. Well at least to my face. haha One of my besties Heather posted this on my Facebook page the other day and I identified with almost every single one except the food touching one. I don’t mind if my food touches the other food. Especially if it’s syrup from a waffle that ends up on my bacon but I digress. lol Oh and you know where I got my weirdo food thing? FROM MY MOTHER…as the song goes…I got it from my mama!

Anyway, I know I am not alone, am I? Where are all my fellow food weirdos at? Come on now…step up. Comment below and let me know!

XO Surviving Mommy

PS. Speaking of my momma. Check her out!!! Momma Jane is home from the hospital and while she is still very weak, exhausted, and has a very long road ahead of her… she is HOME and for that I am super grateful! Ummm and hello, doesn’t she LOOK fabulous? I only wish she felt on the inside the way she looks on the outside! Thanks for all of your prayers!

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  • Ginger says:

    She looks gorgeous! I’m a very visual eater. If it doesn’t look right to me it’s a definite NO!!!

  • Alicia says:

    I was right there with ya until you said Jalapenos lol. There are more of us weirdos out there ! Hugs ! Glad momma Jane is out of the hospital and on the way to getting better !

  • Amie Cheek says:

    She looks wonderful! I am so glad that she is out of the hospital and home. Those ED’S are amazing!! 😉 ❤ Lots of love and hugs!!

  • Stacy says:

    You and my husband are the same in the veggies. And I’m with you on the tomatoes. 🙂
    So glad your mom is home!!!

  • Megan says:

    Welcome home mama Jane!!!!!

  • Alice Camejo says:

    Ok, so I don’t like Parmesan cheese on my spaghetti, but I love it on soups and salads5!

  • Michele says:

    Glad your mom is home and hopefully she will be feeling better soon. As for the food…. Well, yes you definitely have some interesting food habits. How can you not like something in its true form but as disguised as something else you do like it? Not judging but I have never heard of that before. I’ve known people to either like or dislike something but your food “stuff” is very interesting. I actually think it’s kind of funny. Have your girls acquired any of these food likes or dislikes? Love reading your posts by the way!

  • ANTHONY says:


  • Marie says:

    Nope, you are not the only “weirdo”! LOL! I am an only child and have found that a lot of only children seem to have issues with food – mostly around smell and texture. Which I have in SPADES! I am not sure if you are an only child but thought that is interesting.

    I can’t eat lima beans, peas, mushrooms, asparagus and other vegetables without gagging and sometimes throwing up (if i did not know they were in the food I was eating). WHY WHY WHY do they put peas in soo many dishes! A lot of foods turn me off by their smell. I have had veggies in a smoothie with fruit and it was actually doable since I could not smell it. I LOVE potatoes but not scalloped – the milk and other ingredients make it smell weird and I gag…I will not eat cooked carrots, but raw is fine. Same with spinach. I dont like celery because it has strings and the texture is just wrong. And the list could go on and on and on…

    I am also allergic to processed grapes. Not raw grapes or wine but grape jelly, grape candy, etc. I get massive migraines. AND I am HIGHLY allergic to Rosemary – i actually start to swell and itch – i have an epi-pen for it. Yeah…eating is a pain for me if I want to eat “right”…

    • Adriane says:

      Yep I’m an only and posted below – texture and smell are my main issues. Like the smell of tuna, the texture of over ripe banana, the texture of cooked spinach. You nailed it fellow only child 🙂 Forgot to mention below I hate beans, and again it’s a texture thing – to me it’s like chalk inside.

  • Sandra Boyett says:

    Your are beautiful Momma Jane. Tomorrow is our big move to Florida. I will continuing praying and keeping up with your progress through Surviving Mommy. I feel like you are all my family I love you tons!

  • Kerty says:

    Your Momma looks beautiful! I hope she heals quickly!! I’m a food weirdo too. I will ONLY eat scrambled eggs. No way runny eggs. 😫 I’m the opposite of you. I looovvvve tomatoes and absolutely hate ketchup. Weird I know. I won’t bore you with the rest of my food probs! 😊

  • Laurie says:

    Yes! I love peaches, but don’t like peach flavored yogurt, milkshakes or ice cream. Love bananas & apples, but do not like anything artificially flavored (no to apple or banana flavored candy). And peas…. can’t stand them! I will sit there and pick them out of things. You are quite normal!

  • Janet says:

    Momma Jane you look beautiful. Praise God you are home. Still praying for you.

  • Ashley Davis says:

    Same tomato issue! But I hate for my food to touch! I have considered those divider plates I use for the kids!!! Love to go to a bbq where they have those kind of plates!
    So glad momma Jane is home!! Prayers for a speedy recovery! Love you all!

  • Cindy Simmons says:

    I feel the same about tomatoes. Give me spaghetti or pizza any day – just no plain tomato. Oh and I gag at mayonnaise. Yuck.

  • Norma Martin says:

    I have problems with textures of foods. I cant eat mushrooms unless they are chopped fine but don’t mind the taste of them. I cant eat hummus for anything because I don’t like the way it smells or texture. I have a few other “weird” ones also. And I think peppers are vegetables….so you know what that means? There is ONE veggie that you like! So glad Momma Jane is feeling better!

  • Paige says:

    Yes! I loathe tomatoes! Ack! LOVE tomato soup, salsa, marinara sauce, etc! Hate raisins in food but love them alone. And cucumbers, EW!!!!

  • Hope says:

    So happy to hear your Mom is doing better !!!

    I LOVE my morning coffee but can’t stand anything “mocha” !!! LOL

  • Donna Seal says:

    So, you comment on Presidental candidates but not the Disney Grand Floridian Alligator incident?

    Get real. Live your life out of the social media venue. You are too phoney

    • Hey Donna,

      I tried to email you but it seems you gave me an incorrect email address. Thanks for your comments but I’m not sure why you are being so presumptuous and unkind. 😔 I apologize if my post on Instagram offended you. My intention was just to share humor and be light and silly. Perhaps it was not funny to you and for that I am truly sorry. I did actually comment on the Disney alligator incident a few days ago on my Facebook page, but it seems you must have missed it.

      Regardless, thanks for sharing your thoughts and I promise you, I am definitely VERY real and if you’ve followed my blog or even got to know me, I’m sure you would agree. I don’t have the energy to be phony. lol Anyway, I hope you enjoy this beautiful Sunday and thanks again for posting your thoughts Donna!

  • Judy Thomas says:

    Yes, she looks really fabulous! Yes…you are a food weirdo 🙂 lol. Just joking you aren’t any kind of weirdo , I think we all have our little food fussies.

  • Olivine Eyes says:

    I eat pizza and nacho cheese, but not anything else that has cheese. I can eat eggs in cakes, cookies, etc. but not my themselves or in salads or sandwiches where I could taste them.

  • Nancy Burgess says:

    I like carrots and peas raw but not cooked.I don’t like beets either anyway.

  • krystel says:

    Your mom sounds like a really cool person

  • Lauryn R says:

    Not at all!! I totally agree with your apple affliction, I do not like them by themselves either! But I love all other things apple! 🙂 I guess it is just one of those things.

  • Cheryl Everitt says:

    You are hilarious! Weird – I don’t think so – it’s the other people that are weird! Keep on being who you are!

  • My mother loves applesauce on spaghetti.

  • kathi bennett says:

    I have a friend who won’t touch veggies so I got her some supplements and now she gets all the vitamins without eating the veggies.

  • Adriane says:

    Love fish – all sorts – and I’ve tried a LOT of them. Even shark. I love all fish – except tuna. I hate tuna. Even the smell makes me gag. And I hate mayo. So a tuna salad sandwich is the ultimate disgusting food to me. That presented many problems as a kid visiting my friends houses. Tuna salad was most families “go to”. gak.

    Also I like bananas a lot – but only if they are slightly under ripe. Once they get even slightly soft I can’t stand them. I love raw spinach, but hate it cooked.

  • Bryan Vice says:

    IM the same with tomatoes.. i cant eat them plain my wife can cut one up put salt on it and eat it.. i got to have it on a burger or sandwich it cant be by itself lol guess im a weird too lol

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    You sound so much like my son and my grandson. I loved this article. So cute. Thank you for sharing

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