At what age will you let your daughters wear one?

bathing suitAs you can see in the picture, my two year old Luna is wearing a “tankini”. At what age do you let your daughters wear a bikini? Luna at two years old does have a bikini, which in my opinion, at this age is ok. I also let my older daughter Lily wear a bikini when she was two and three and I thought it was adorable. HOWEVER, Lily is now nine (ten next month) and she is asking me to wear a bikini and I told her a big fat N to the O, NO! But then she asked me, “well, at what age CAN I wear one mom?” I had no answer for her. Truthfully, I would prefer both of of my girls to wear swim shirts or even wet suits for the rest of their lives, lol, but I realize that iswimshirt1s probably not possible. lol Goodness gracious, I don’t know when I turned in to such a little conservative prude, but I guess I did. 😉

I even asked my mom if I ever wore a bikini when I was a kid and she said she doesn’t remember that I ever did. With my strict Catholic Father raising us, I am pretty sure I probably didn’t. lol

So now I come to you my Surviving Mommy readers, at what age do you (or did you) let your daughters wear a bikini?

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • Carmen says:

    My 8 year old has always worn a bikini, but no string bikini, no sequins, just a simple bikini. I think when she’s more developed is when I’ll have real hesitations about her being in a bikini. Right now, she’s still just a cute little girl.

  • Kayla says:

    From what I can remember I have always worn bikinis with a tankini thrown into the mix every few summers. My mom always made sure everything was covered and very age appropriate. Going through elementary and middle school I always wore them. I’m almost 18 now and I still search high and low for a tasteful and age appropriate bikini. But I definitely understand your concern! I also remember wearing a bikini top with shorts around ages 7-12, which adds a level of modesty to the outfit. I would say 13 is a good age but it really comes down to what you’re comfortable with 🙂

  • Amy says:

    My daughter is not allowed to wear one and probably won’t be. She is almost 7 and I just don’t feel like they are appropriate. I feel like we are too focused on showing way too much skin. I want her to be modest and she loves tankinis 🙂

  • Michele says:

    My daughter did not start wearing a bikini until she was in high school. She nor I was even really interested in wearing one until then. I think they are cute on babies and toddlers but now as a older child. That is merely my opinion. I just think they should not be showing all their stuff until they are older teenagers. Again, only my opinion. I have seen young girls with bikinis at pool party’s and their bikinis actually came off. I would say at the least, high school. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I was protective of my daughter and what she wore in public. I think they are cute and all but there are other bathing suits out there that are cute and you won’t have to worry about them falling off or revealing private parts. And yes, I’m from a Catholic family too!

  • Angi Bransdorf says:

    My daughter is 17 and she is still a no on a bikini. I think they are much smaller in size than they were when I was growing up. She can where a tankini or even a more modest two piece (where only like an inch more of her abdomen is showing than it would in a tankini)

  • Christine says:

    My daughter will be 9 in August. I would prefer her to wear a swim shirt for forever. I know that isn’t realistic. 13 seems like a good age. I would hope she would stay away from string bikinis until a little bit older. Right now she does swim team so she just wears that suit because all her friends do that.

  • Katherine G says:

    My daughter also had one which she was younger but that was because other family members bought them for her. My husband and I have told her that when she can buy a bikini herself then she can wear one but it would still have to be approved by us if she is under 18 when that happens.

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