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I have no decorating ability whatsoever! For real. You will NEVER see me selling crafting things on Etsy or winning awards on Pinterest. Look, I just know my strengths…or should I say my weaknesses. lol So when we decided to build our home out in the “country” from the ground up, I knew I would need some help! So one of my dearest friends Christine Eberle (from Eberle Invitations, she did everything paper at our wedding) introduced me to one of her BFF’s from college, Katie Walton from Flair Interiors and we instantly clicked!

Katie was pregnant and about to give birth and we had just broken ground but she was totally in from the beginning. She helped us pick out every single thing that we needed to pick out to build this house!  Let me tell you, that is NOT something I enjoy doing (nor am I good at) so I was more than HAPPY to have her there. My only request…since I wanted a farmhouse, I wanted a farm sink. I figured if we were really doing this “country” thing, then I needed to have a farm sink. However, we had a VERY strict budget and she made sure we stuck to it.

Fast forward to six months now we’ve been here in God’s country aka Serenbe. Recently, when Katie showed me these pictures, I felt like I was looking at someone else’s home. Maybe because it’s so clean. HA HA That won’t last. lol I couldn’t believe this was really OUR house! I am in love! I never want to leave and now that I am blogging here from home, I really don’t have to. lol My favorite part is that Katie used so many things we already had that were personal to us and repurposed them throughout the house in ways I would never have thought of myself. That is her gift.

Anyway, pardon me for being a nerd and wanting to share them with you all but being here with my family in this home brings me so much peace. And in a time when things have been a little chaotic lately, I am happy to be reminded that finding peace in the little things is what life is really about.

XO Surviving Mommy

Click here to see all of the pictures! :o)



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  • Katie Yarbrough Walton says:

    Thank you so much sweet friend, this was such a fun and fulfilling project!

  • Michele says:

    I wish I could afford to have someone do my house but I love doing it myself so it’s all good. I’m working on my kitchen now. Can’t afford much because my husband just got laid off so I painted my counters, refinished my cabinets, and just got thru putting up a backsplash. Now all I need is a new floor and the kitchen will be complete! Don’t think the floor will happen anytime soon but I will be the one installing the floor!

    • Way to go doing everything yourself. We built our cost of doing our house into the actual building of our house so it went into our mortgage. lol I am sure much it’s so rewarding doing everything yourself!!! Good for you!

  • Marie Castine says:

    so nice! I see that you used a lot of sliding doors. How are those compared to normal doors? Do you actually use them?

    • Astrid Dippold says:

      I used to have them in my New England house. I actually sold them to clients and after seeing them installed, I had to have them myself. They are a god-sent, especially if you are challenged for space (i.e. you don’t lose any to an opening door as they just slide out of the way. They bug screens keep the riffraff (mosquitoes & Co) out, if you want to allow a nice breeze to flow through your house, and the glass panes allow for plenty of light to flood the room. The grids are in between the glass panes, so there is no hassle cleaning, and dagnammit … now I really miss my sliders! Lol!!! In any case – make sure they are of good quality (you really get what you pay for), and even more importantly, that they are installed by someone who knows what they are doing and warranties their work. 🙂

    • Yes, we do use them alot Marie. On my husband’s office, Lily’s bathroom and our bathroom. It’s a nice change and kinda fun too! 🙂

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