How do you feel about helping with your kid’s school projects?

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Before I had my daughter Lily, who is now ten years old, I remember a friend saying. “yep, we have a project due in our house!” She would go on to say that she had to help her boys with their school projects all of the time, so much so that she felt like they ended up being HER school projects. As a woman with no children at the time, I thought…”Oh hails to the N-O, I already paid my dues, I am NOT doing my kid’s school projects for them.

So when my daughter started having to do school projects, I promised my control freak self that I would NOT do that. I would not hyper-manage. I would let her do the project just like I had to do MY school projects on my own. Look, I am allllll about answering questions and even guiding them in the right direction but for me, I kinda feel what is the point in doing it FOR them? How will they learn to do things on their own if I do it for them? I don’t care if they don’t look as perfect as every other kids, I want them to ber HERS!

When my daughter came home from school last month and told me she had to pick a figure during the Revolutionary War to do her social studies project on, she chose Betsey Ross. Asidebetsey ross from waiting until the week before her project was due, I was pretty impressed with what she did. The class was given six different ideas of how to present their project and one of the ideas was a Facebook page for the figure they were showcasing. As someone who spends a great deal on social media because of my job, I was particularly fond of this idea! I showed her my Facebook page and she went off that and created her project. The only thing I did was buy her a 50 cents poster board at Dollar General. 🙂

Oh and they were able to dress like their historical figure as well so she picked out an old dress she had, took one of my old scarves and even took one of my Walmart shower caps, turned it inside out and bam, she had a white bonnet. Oh wait, I did order her a cheapy Betsey Ross flag on Amazon with my points. So make that two things I did to help!

File Mar 10, 10 12 00 AMShe submitted her project yesterday and she said it went awesome! She had just gotten her haircut the day before and I think it gave her a little boost of confidence to present in front of the class. The little things in life right?! She was creative, she did it on her own AND I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself but I know, I’m a little biased. 😉

How do you feel about your kid’s school projects? Do you help a little? Alot? Do it all? What about when you were a kid? Would love for you to share below!

XO Surviving Mommy


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  • Ashley Davis says:

    Great job to you both! Lily for her creativity and to you for allowing her to succeed on her own! My control freak self struggles with this type of thing! I probably give too much guidance! Lol

  • Stacy says:

    As a former elem teacher, I offer a minimum of help with projects. I always liked to see what the kids could come up with…and as a parent I enjoy making my otherwise non-crafty kids use their left – brains!!

  • Wendy says:

    First of all, I LOVE Lily’s haircut! Sooooo cute! Second, did she write that on the poster, or did you? Because her penmenship is the bomb! So neat! 🙂

  • Karyn Lisk says:

    Oh lord do not get me started! As a Life Coach specializing in career development for hight school and college kids I know right away what parents helped and what parents guided. The kids that did it themselves are the ones I see being successful in navigating their college life and career life. My husbands son did not even know what classes he was taking his senior year cause his mom filled out the form for him. She was like it was due and he hadn’t finished it, what was I supose to do not have him have the classes he needs to graduate. my response, you bet your bottom! Now I see parents that want their kids to go to a college that is all about them with no regards to what they want to do or a process to figure it out because they do not give them the opportunity to do it early in life. Scary part is this will be the generation that will be in charge of the US one day. I saw a you tube video where kids at colleges were asked a series of questions and one was who won the civil war and who is our vice president! only one person got the answers. Then they were asked who was khloe kardashin married to and everyone knew. At least Lilly will be much more informed and probably a control freak as she gets older too, cause she is used to doing things on her own. Congratulations to you as a MOM, for allowing her to learn from her own work!. To me the mistakes for kids between the ages of 12-18 or longer for some, are the hardest part of allowing them to feel the consequence of the choices they make and not trying to fix that too. So it’s NOT just school work! Ok soap box over! lol
    Seriously beautiful job Lily!

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