Do you teach this to YOUR kids?

KIDSOne of my bestest friends has two sets of twins. Yes, you read correctly, she has TWO sets of TWINS! And yes, she is a ROCKSTAR momma too! Two boys who are the same age as my oldest daughter Lily (10) and a little girl and another little boy who are five. When I say these kids are well-behaved, I am NOT even kidding you. Her little girl Grace says, “nice to see you again” and extends a hand when she sees you and all of her boys are just as polite. She and her family live in Florida now but I have Spring Break with her and one of our other besties every year. I love getting to see her children because they are such a joy to be around. When they lived here and we had playdates with them, I never had to worry because our kids always got along and they treated each other with kindness. In fact, we are doing a Disney trip with them over Christmas and I cannot wait to get a fix of her sweet kids!

We work on manners and kindness to others every single day in our house. We teach our daughters to look at people in the eyes when they are speaking to them.GIrls2 To say yes, please. No thank you. Obviously, they are kids so they are far from perfect but it’s a work on progress and one we will continue working on for the rest of their childhood. I appreciate nothing more than parents who work diligently on instilling etiquette and manners in their children. I have another bestie who makes sure her sons hold the door open for women. I love that! She also has some pretty amazing boys! I may be biased but most of my friends have pretty amazing children! And allllll of our kids will be the next generation so wouldn’t it be great to send them into the world mastering the whole etiquette and politeness thing? And more!

Which one thing do you feel is important to teach our kids and/or that you taught your kids?

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • Tobin says:

    I’m trying to teach please and thank you. And have her say hi, and bye real loud so people can hear her. Oh- and thank you when someone gives her a compliment (instead of, “I know.” Which was really cute when she was little, but not so cute as she’s getting older).

  • Taylor says:

    Hear hear! I met your friend’s 10 year old twins when they were much younger and I was incredibly impressed with their manners and their ability to carry on a conversation. It’s the same with Lily and Luna – they’re so good at manners and communication, you feel like you’ve known them a while the first time you meet! That is a GIFT that will take kids so far in life! So many tweens, teens and even young adults today struggle with eye contact and basic conversational skills. Keep up the great work moms!!

  • Michele says:

    As my children were growing up I always told them to treat others like they would like to be treated. I always made them use their manners as well. I work at a school that is very transient. I always have the children to look me in the eyes when we are talking to each other. Many of them have not been taught manners at home so that is something I work on everyday with them. They just need love and encouragement because they get rewarded for good behavior and good manners. I am constantly asking them when they do something mean to another student if they would like to be treated that way and they always say no. They are 5 or 6 and their brains are like sponges. They soak up everything so I do my best to teach them to be kind and the best they can be. It gets repetitive but the end is always positive.

  • Rachel Placek says:

    I feel like the best way to teach my kids is to BE the person I want them to be. I have a 2 year old and 6 month old and I’ve found that my 2 year old mimicks the things I do and say. It’s like having you conscience on all the time. There is no “hiding” my bad qualities anymore. I have to strive to be a good person so she will want to do the same:) Kids don’t understand, “do as I say not as I do” they will do what you do so it is important to be a good model.

  • Rosie says:

    I do think manners and respect for others are most important. You can have all the money, education, whatever status, but if you lack these two qualities, it doesn’t mean much. I’m always so touched when I see a little child with good manners, I know that comes from someone helping them learn it.

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