How do you feel about hand-me-downs?

When my daughter Lily was a baby, I started saving all of her stuff for my Nashville bestie Chandra who was having a baby girl, Jade about a year after me. I never thought I was having anymore kids so off they went. Once I had my second daughter Luna, I got all of Lily’s hand-me-downs back from Chan PLUS some more from her daughter Jade. It was AWESOME! When she and her daughter come to visit or vice versa, she will always hook me up! 

I’ve also gotten stuff for Luna from Lily’s BFF Reese, from Lily’s other friend Addy and even my sweet friend Devon who lives in our neighborhood has passed on stuff for Luna from her daughter Lila. Lily recently received some stuff from our neighbor friend Jeny who has two teenaged daughters. Lily acted like she won the kid lottery with all of the new “cool” clothes! She was so excited! I’m always so grateful when friends offer! Always!

People always ask the same question before they offer to give you anything though…How do you feel about hand-me-downs? Maybe there is some stigma with it or something but not for me! I always have the same answer…yes, yes and YES!! I’m a big fan of hand-me-downs. For several reasons. 

  1. Ummm…duh, kids grow fast. Who wants to spend a bunch of money on clothes and shoes they will wear for six months to a year?
  2. My friends have GREAT taste which means, so do their kids! (See previous post where I go on and on about my stylish friends)
  3. There ain’t no shame in my used clothing game!

I’m all about consignment too but I don’t consign. Only because we have always donated pretty much everything we let go of to an organization called Wellspring Living. They have retail stores called Wellspring Treasures located throughout the city of Atlanta. I love donating to them because they sell our donations in their retail stores to raise money to help survivors of sex-trafficking. Plus we feel that we are called to Bless others so we try to donate whenever we can. We’ve been involved with Wellspring Living for six years and Lily loves to go through her toys, books etc to donate to Wellspring! Even though I don’t consign, I loooove me some consignment shopping. Our whole family does! In fact, the cardigan sweater I’m wearing right now as I write this is from a consignment store in my neighborhood! Bought it last year! Yep, $10. Woot! Woot!

ALL of the clothes (and shoes) that my daughter Luna is wearing in these pictures are hand-me-downs!

Sooo it begs the question, how do you feel about hand-me-downs?

XO Surviving Mommy 



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  • Carrie G says:

    Unfortunately my kids are Boy 17, Girl 11, Boy 9 and girl 1 so I never got to use their clothes for each other but I did get hand me downs from friends and bought second hand. I find it criminal to spend a lot of money on clothes they’ll get very little use of LOL

  • Tami D says:

    We got some hand-me-downs on occasion when we were kids, which helped out our parents quite a bit — especially since there were four of us at various ages of development and height. It still happens in our family on occasion as well as grownups. My sister has a different body frame than I do, but we can still make the hand-me-down thing work from time to time. In fact, last night I just gave her a gently-used pea coat I bought myself last winter on clearance from Walmart. It fit her more perfectly than it did me! And, she looked good in it, which was a bonus!

  • Wendy Merry says:

    I love them! My sister and I both have girls, mine being the oldest and youngest of the four cousins. We’ve passed clothes back and forth for years. And I’ve passed other items off to a few friends who’ve also have girls younger than mine. I am also a fan of consignment. It is often hard to justify paying too much for something that will be outgrown in a few months so I’ve no problem with it.

  • Catherine says:

    My 16 yo daughter has worn hand-me-downs and consignments since she was born. When she was in daycare, she was deemed one of the “Best Dressed Kids” at the daycare, but it was all consignments and hand-me-downs and I didn’t feel too bad if it go messed up with her daily activities. She now LOVES-LOVES-LOVES getting clothes from her 21 year old cousin, and she affectionately refers to these items as the “Innes Wood Collection, an exclusive boutique” (her cousin’s middle names). When it came time for school dances and such, she has such an array of prom and party dresses that it is hard to decide which to wear. Granted, I get to veto any item that may not be appropriate, but as my niece has grown up, so have her tastes and there is very little forwarded on to charity. I, myself, grew up as one of 7 children and my sister is 4.5 yrs older so I always got her hand-me-downs, which I despised. I remember begging my mother for “something new” but that generally meant she sewed me up something, and I was too selfish to realize how amazing that was.

  • Michele Freeman says:

    Loved them but now my kids are older so no more hand me downs. Kids barely wear their clothes so why not?! I still can’t get my daughter to go to consignment shops. She thinks it’s gross that someone else she didn’t know wore it. But I must say when she was a teenager I slipped a few used clothes in with her presents and she never knew the difference! You are lucky to have friends you can share clothes with! Lucky you!

  • Sally Koether says:

    hey love them, I am 50 and still get me hand me downs from my sister (53) and too feel like I won the lottery when she says “I gotta bag for ya”! YES! Win Win!

  • Dana Leverett says:

    Feel free to hand me down anything and everything!!
    Love that you and your family continue to give back to the community also.
    Plus technically they aren’t hand me downs they are your “new outfits ” from family and friends. No sense in letting good clothing go to waste. Spend the money you would have spent on clothing on making memories with your family and friends they don’t care where your outfit came from.

  • Kara says:

    LOOOOOOVVVVVVE HAND ME DOWNS!!!!! BEST GIFT EVER!!!! And…I almost only shop at consignment stores for my two kiddos! Especially at the end of the season because all the winter stuff is 50-75% off. Today I bought 5 tops and a pair of awesome minnetonka boots for $24! Can’t beat that!

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I love hand me downs for my grandchildren. Children’s clothes are so expensive and they out grow them so fast. Thank you so much for sharing this great article. God Bless

  • Kelly says:

    I am all about hand me downs. Not just for kids, but myself too. There is only so much money in the budget so anything that can help save dollars leaves more for fun and items we really need. plus it keeps clothing out of landfills. A win/win.

  • Lauryn R says:

    I LOVE hand-me-downs! My brother had his daughter about 6 months before mine was born, so we felt very blessed to receive her old clothes! It saves a ton of money, especially considering how fast they grow! My third was also a girl, she is 5 years younger than her oldest sister, so she gets A LOT of clothes thanks to her big sis! 🙂

  • Shelleyschu says:

    I love it!! Plus my pre-teen daughter is excited to get cool teenager clothes from her cousin.

  • Natalie says:

    I have mixed feelings on it! I am totally into sharing among friends and family. But, we have a family member who always gives consignment/garage sale gifts for Christmas to adults and kids. For some reason, I am more comfortable with it knowing where it has come from. Does that make me terrible???

  • Adriane says:

    Love them! As kids get older and start to really care about what they are wearing/what friends think, it’s nice to buy one or two new piece to go with the hand me dons. By the way – my favorite source for clothes is thrift stores. RE-USE!

  • Courtney H says:

    Don’t mind em, love saving money so they work for me

  • Shannon B. says:

    I love hand me downs as well. My girls have older cousin’s and younger cousins, so we have all passed the clothes back and forth as well. Kids grow so quickly that it is a shame to only see the west a couple times. It is nice to see something get its use out of it.

  • Donna Sherman says:

    We love hand me downs. My sons brother is 18 months older and does not live with us. We get all his hand me downs and I then pass them on to my friend who has a boy 1 year (1 year and a day!) younger than my son….and she passes them on as well. Recycle, recycle, reycle!!

  • Big hand-me-down fan here…just yesterday a pal came by to pick up some ski clothes and I was able to give her six bags of clothes that were otherwise headed to Goodwill. I have relatives that don’t want the hand-me-downs and I just don’t get it.


    I have 2 girls .. whats good here was the eldest things will go to the youngest..

  • Samantha Silvers says:

    I love hand me downs!! As a mother of 5 & former foster mom, I saved all the kids clothes that were in good shape. As my kids got older, I passed them to my nieces & nephews. I always supplemented the kids wardrobes with new pieces of clothing to coordinate with some of the hand me downs. When my brother gave me a picture of his kids with Santa this year, it tickled me to see my 2 year old nephew in a shirt that my 17 year old son wore years ago. Lol!!

  • kathi bennett says:

    My girlfriends and I loved handing clothes down, and it saves a lot of money. I think its a very nice link to the past, in the old days brothers passed their clothes down and so did sisters, I love it!

  • Judy Calloway says:

    Since I was a small child we have always done the hand me downs thingy , we still do as adults! Great way to save money.

  • Stephanie says:

    My daughter takes alot of my tops and jakets, but beyond that we don’t have many opportunities for swapping. Everyone else is either much taller or much bigger around than my daughter.

  • Terry Poage says:

    I think if the clothes are in good shape you should hand them down or donate them to goodwill if you have nobody to give them too.

  • Yassine El kotbi says:


  • Heather Amos says:

    I do not see anything wrong with hand me downs! With the way kids grow it is a great way to save money and if you hand down it is a great way to help others out as well.

  • Joy Venters says:

    I didn’t know that you had to think about it, — I always believed it was the American Way

  • Tracy Blankenship says:

    LOVE hand me downs!! Growing up I was the oldest (sibling, cousin, etc.) so everything I grew out of was a hand-me-down to someone. Now I’m a mom of a “small/petite” child (like I was) who is 11 years old, and I cannot remember the last time I had to buy her clothes. ALL of her friends pass on their outgrown “hand me downs” and she has a closet bursting with clothes! I LOVE ❤️ hand-me-downs 😊

  • Judy Thomas says:

    Nothing wrong with hand me downs. It is better to pass clothes on than to throw them away.It seems such a waste when people throw things away.

  • Kim Thorne says:

    Very practical

  • Hand me Downs are my favorite thing! Heck, I just got a stack of clothes yesterday for my daughter and I was giddy (as was she!). These clothes are in perfect condition and there is no reason not to save a few bucks.

  • maria roselle mendoza says:

    true practical…

  • Daryl says:

    Hand me downs are a great way to save money.

  • Michele says:

    I wish I had someone to give me hand me downs for my children when they were small.. The expense of baby clothes was overwhelming to me then…. My son is very happy that he has gotten clothing from dear friends whose children are growing…

  • Bryan Vice says:

    I love hand me downs!! We got a lot of them when my daughter was born really helped us out .

  • Lisa Ogle says:

    Hand me downs are awesome, if the clothes are still nice there is no reason not to share.

  • Ronald Gagnon says:

    I came form an old family of 7 kids in 8 1/2 years, and my father had only seasonal work…there is no shame in hand me mother always kept it all in wonderful condition…I believe if more parents used them now, there wouldn’t be such a toll on finances

  • Maria D. says:

    I was the oldest child of 4 girls …so I didn’t get hand me downs but I would wear them and I know that with my sister’s kids there were hand me downs. I agree that when kids are small/young they outgrow their clothing quickly and if your family iron friends have good quality hand me downs there is no shame 😆 I also believe in buying from consignment or resale shops if they have your size and good quality.

  • Sarah L says:

    My sister and I were always thrilled when we got clothes from our cousins. I’m big on recycling my clothes and getting ‘new’ ones from the thrift stores.

  • Susan Biddle says:

    I feel that hand me downs are not only an excellent way to save money, but also helpful to the environment. We live in a throw away society and we need to do more of this!

  • Jerry Marquardt says:

    A lot of the hand me downs are better than some of the stuff I buy in the store new. I don’t think that there is anything at all wrong with the hand me downs.

  • Leslie C says:

    I take hand-me-downs for my kids and also pass ours afterwards!!

  • Shelly says:

    Nothing at all wrong with hand me downs. Kids grow so fast they can’t even wear them very long

  • Jeanna Massman says:

    I love hand-me downs! We have always pass clothes on and I buy clothes for my grandson at garage sales and thrift stores.

  • Jules B says:

    When I was pregnant, I didn’t have a baby shower. Nobody thought to throw me one, and I was too overwhelmed to even consider throwing myself one. While pregnant, I slowly bought the things I’d need. One of the biggest blessings was a friend loaning me her daughter’s hand me downs, sizes up to 2T. I returned them to her, plus my daughter’s clothes. My daughter is 3 now, and I still give my friend my daughter’s clothes, as she grows out of them. My friend loans the clothes out, when a family member or close friend, has a girl.

  • Tracy Robertson says:

    I think hand me downs are great, but since a local thrift store was found to be infested with bed bugs several years ago, I’d be wary of anything if I didn’t know who it came from.

  • Celeste Herrin says:

    There’s no Stigma attached for me either to hand-me-downs! I think it is absolutely the best way to go! Kids grow so fast and there is just no sense in spending so much money in the stores when hand me downs are perfectly fine. I am in heaven when someone offers me hand-me-downs and I love love love being able to hand them down to someone else! We have to have each other’s back in this day and time when it’s so expensive just to get by.

  • Angela September says:

    we definitely love hand me downs and also hand down almost everything if it’s in good condition! Kids hardly use their stuff at all, especially when they are really small,so why not! Share the wealth I say lol

  • Ronald Gagnon says:

    I am going to repeat what I said about a week ago, because I truly believe many people should be doing this in age where everything costs so much in a bad economy…..I came from an old family of 7 kids in 8 1/2 years, and my father had only seasonal work…there is no shame in hand me mother always kept it all in wonderful condition…I believe if more parents used them now, there wouldn’t be such a toll on finances

  • Richard Hicks says:

    I have no problem with them and what a great way to save money

  • Melissa Storms says:

    I loved hand me downs when my son was younger. My nephew is a couple years older and had great clothes.

  • donna porter says:

    I always got hand me downs because I was the baby. I was not to happy about it at the time but now I do realize why and see things clearly now.

  • Nancy Burgess says:

    Hand me downs are fine.My kids always loved having these extra items.

  • Ashley Black says:

    We use hand me downs as much as we can as long as the clothes are left in good shape

  • denise low says:

    I think that hand me downs are a good thing. Yes kids grow so fast. So I say yes to hand me downs.

  • Rosie says:

    I’m fine with hand me downs. It is good for the environment, too, to get as much use out of clothing as is practical, so share whether consigning or donating, or buying them. I don’t want to waste $$, if you have a child, better to save however you can for their education, or for your own retirement.

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