How grey hair trends can keep you from grey hair trends!


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Would you go grey? As in grey hair and as in NOW, not when you are 95 years old??!! lol I saw this article on Elite Daily recently where going grey is a new trend and I had to discuss this granny trend with you and share some pictures from Elite Daily!

TattooI love trying different things and my inner 20 year old especially likes to do rebellious things. Well, rebellious in my eyes. lol For example, I have six tattoos! I love them and they are all pretty tiny. See…rebellious in my eyes. I had my belly button pierced as well as my nose. Twice. I recently got a cartilage piercing. Ohhh look at me, I am so cool huh? lol Obviously not…the truth is, I just like to try fun new things.

When it comes to my hair, I feel the same way. I like to switch it up. I am naturally a blonde. Well, pretty much naturally. (hee hee) In full disclosure, I have been blonde since I was a baby but now I like to do some blonde AND brown highlights so I guess my natural hair color would be a dark blonde if I didn’t add the highlights. (Thanks Vis-A-Vis The Salon in Atlanta, GA) I have also been a redhead (hated it), brunette, had long and short hair and thanks to cancer, even had NO hair! 😉

When I saw this grey hair trend, I was definitely intrigued. I thought hmmmm, it’s super
pretty…and I like it. Alot. And on Kelly Osbourne, yes…but me? Meh, probably not! However, I really wanted to ask what you guys think about it? Would you go grey?

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Elite Daily

Gray Hair 2

Elite Daily


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  • Lizzie Spratt says:

    I love it! When my hair was lavender, after a few washes it looked silvery/grey 🙂 It is FUN to try new things, so I love and approve of your attitude + outlook on life! xoxo

  • Michele says:

    I wouldn’t mind but it’s a long process when you have long hair and you want it to grow out naturally. I use home hair color but my gray is like my moms. It’s salt and pepper. I need to do my roots now but wanted to see how long I could go before it looked bad which it does as it’s growing out. If I could go into hibernation until it was completely grown out I would do it!

  • Di Ranere says:

    I’m not sure, but I just went blue at 44 so who am I to say no 🙂

  • Olivine Eyes says:

    I love the colored haired trend because it reminds me of Japanese anime and video games. I’m not sure if I want to try it yet.

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