I call it Jesus’ laundry!

LAUNDRY2I hate laundry. FOR REAL. I can’t explain it. I love emptying the dishwasher and even ironing and many other household type of things, but laundry…ugh! I hate it so much that many years ago when my now husband and I did pre-marital counseling, this came up in conversation. The counselor said maybe if I tried to make it more Christ focused it may be easier for me. I was like, laundry? Christ-focused? So that’s what I tried doing. Jesus’ laundry. No seriously. Every time I would see it piling up, I would just say…”I gotta go do Jesus’s laundry!” lol  Somehow once I started saying that out loud, it made me realize how lame it was to complain about something like that. Especially after what He did for us! I should just be happy that we have clothes. That we have laundry machines. That we having running water to clean the clothes. I could go on and on. The point is, sometimes you just need to check yourself and remember there are probably many people in the world that would be happy to have laundry to clean. So now I don’t complain when I am doing Jesus’ laundry! Most of the time! Hey, I am not perfect! 😉

What is your household chore that you would like to permanently cross off your list??

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • Marie Castine says:

    DISHES! I really hate to do the dishes the most. It just seems so gross to me for some odd reason!

    For laundry, my 2 year old started getting interested in putting items in when he was about 12 months so now it becomes a family thing! LOL!

    I also made my own detergent using the Duggar recipe (http://bit.ly/1vVGLnS). It starts off with 5 gallons worth and only cost about $10 but when you put some in the container to use, you fill 1/2 the container with water. So it comes out to be pennies for each load. Super cheap and it cleans without perfume smells.

  • Shonna May says:

    Dusting. Ugg! It’s neverending and fills every single nook & cranny. I don’t even mind laundry or dishes so much. I watch TV while folding my mountain of laundry. 🙂

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