I think I can finally talk about potty training now. Reader discretion advised. lol

Shortly after I left my last job, I decided one of the things I was going to do during my pottytttttt“forced” time off, was start potty training my daughter Luna. Man, did I forget how hard this was to do.

Let’s rewind a bit shall we? Seven years ago when my now nine year old daughter Lily was two and about to start school, I potty trained her. I trained her right at two years old for a few reasons. She seemed to be ready and to start at her school, she HAD to be potty trained. Luckily, they offered a potty training boot camp class at her school so that is what I chose to use with Lily. I remembered some of the guidelines…for one week straight you put them on the potty every 20-30 minutes, NO more diapers and NO pull ups at night. If it didn’t take in a week, take a month break and then try again. Lily had a couple of hiccups but after a week, she was good to go. Literally.

Fast forward to last month when I decided to potty train Luna, who has an ENTIRELY different personality than her sister, the same way. Yahhhhh it was two solid days of H-E double hockey sticks HELLLLLL! She went through so many panties the first day, I had to send my mom to Walmart to pick up some more. On day two, the lowest moment of potty training happened right as I was having a phone conversation with a girlfriend (not even 3 minutes) Yep. Luna walked up to me and showed me her foot and it was COVERED in poop. Turns out, the poop balls not only rolled out of the undies onto the floor but she stepped in them. And not only did THAT happen, but when I lifted her up to run her to the potty, my dog followed me and you can guess what happened next. Winchester the Wiener Dog had a little snack.

By the end of that day two of potty training, I had been up for two sleepless nights, gone through at least ten pair of undies and cleaned up a whoooole bunch of pee pee and poo poo. I finally snapped. I remember cursing pretty badly (not in front of Luna), crying and finally sitting on the floor of the kitchen with my head buried in my hands and prayed. Partly for patience and partly for my really bad (pun intended) potty mouth! lol I woke up on day three Wednesday and decided I was just gonna give it up and try again in a month. Then all of a sudden, Luna came up to me and said…”I have to go!” And she did. On the potty. It was like a light switch. Of course, she has had a few accidents since then but other than those, she has been officially potty trained. Wooohooo!

Oh and I am not recommending this potty training method at all. I believe what makes us good parents is that we choose what is best for us and for our family NOT what someone else does or tells you to do. So you have to do you. However, I did want to share my experience for anyone else who is currently going through the potty training experience will know…it DOES get easier! Oh and did I mention wine definitely helps!

So, how did you handle potty training in YOUR house? I would love for you to share your experiences below because I know it would helpful to other parents! Thanks!

Xo Surviving Mommy


This is what I used! potty

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  • geaniej says:

    All of my own children are grown and the time will be here soon enough when they will be potty training their own children. My memory of those things is not as clear as I would like and, regretfully, I never took the time to make notes as I went along. Life was “just too busy”. But, reading your blog does seem to jog a few memories, good and bad! However, I have recently adopted not one, but two puppies and am currently in n the throes of house training them. I had completely forgotten how much patience and sheer determination this was going to require and I find that many times I fear that I am in way over my head! And then, just when I feel like I have gotten down to that last nerve….I see them for the beautiful, strong, amazing creatures they are that want nothing more than to make me happy and to be loved! Then, my heart just melts like butter and I my well is refilled until the next time. It’s amazing what our hearts are capable of!

    • You are so right! I have been bugging my hubster for a buddy for our 13 year old wiener dog and I too, have thought about the potty training. Since I just did our daughter, I may need a bit of a longer break until we get another doggie. LOL Congrats your new ones! 🙂

  • My oldest took FOREVER to potty train because we used pull-ups and she just treated them like diapers! I did the cold turkey thing with my youngest just after she turned 2 and it was sooo much better. Of course, I did have to wipe up some puddles and it’s never fun, but she was potty trained within a few days as opposed to the over 6 months it took with my older girl. I’m sooo glad we didn’t have the poop issues!!!

  • Michele says:

    It’s been years since I had to experience that. My kids are both in their 20’s. I do remember that it took consistency with both but with my son we actually played a game. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I do still think they are available today. It’s the targets you put in the potty. It not only made him want to use the potty, it helped him get it all IN the potty, which certainly helped me out. It did help since it was a “fun game” but it still took patience. Your next topic should be fingers & thumbs or pacifiers.

    • Michele, targets? THAT is awesome and such a great idea!! lol Things you don’t know about when you have two girls! lol And yes that is a great blog topic, thank you! 🙂

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