I’m a weirdo and I have passed it on to my kids.


phase [feyz]


1. a distinct period or stage in a process of change or forming part of something’s development.

I am what I like to call a “phaser!”  Meaning, I get on something and I can literally stay on that thing for a month straight, six months straight or even a year and then BAM, I am over it and won’t do it, eat it, watch it, whatever it is again for a long while. Does anybody else do this too? I even have my 2 yo daughter Luna doing this. Right now, she in a Greek yogurt phase. Everyday. Now, I will MAKE her eat something else sometimes and she will eat it fine but if given the choice, she ALWAYS wants to go back to her yogurt. Also the movie Finding Nemo. First it was Frozen, then Despicable Me 2 and now it is Finding Nemo. This is her face when watching Nemo. She sees and hears NO ONE! It’s as if she is in a trance. But I say…she got it from her Momma. Because…I am a phaser.

Here are some examples:

1. Pistachios. Five years ago, I ate them everyday for lunch (yes, I know kinda lame) for six months straight and then bam, haven’t wanted them again.

2. Nutella. Ok this one I keep going back to though (lol), but I will eat a bite of it every single day for an extended period of time and then bam…I will go six months without it. Cold turkey.

3. Old Navy flip flops. I bought like ten pair of them years ago (cus hello, they are super inexpensive) and I will wear them everyday and then…bam. I want to only wear normal shoes. I will even throw them in the washer after I am done with my phase. Maybe that makes me weird AND cheap, but I digress.

4. HGTV Bang For Your Buck. A few years back, I watched that show like it was an obsession for about six months straight and then bam…never again.

PLEASE tell me that other people do this too and I must know what it is you “phase!”

XO Surviving Mommy


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  • ANTHONY says:


  • Marie Castine says:

    OMG! YES! I get obsessed with one thing – then a few weeks later…yawn…no longer interested. I think that is why i still like my industry (web design/development). I am ALWAYS learning something new or doing something different. I hate monotony. My son who is 2.5 does the same thing. He gets stuck on a food and that is all he wants for a week then the next week, something different. But i read that this is normal in toddlers.

  • Michele Freeman says:

    You are not alone! I do it all the time! I even have things that I will say and I will say it everyday and then bam! I never say it again. I think more women do it than men tho. We all have phases we go through. I too had a yogurt phase. I couldn’t get enough. Then one day I just stopped, cold turkey! So, as I said, you are not alone!

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