I’ve decided to make BOTH of my girls say this now!

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A few months ago when I went to Florida for my third annual Spring Break girls trip with my besties, I noticed something at my friend Marylouise’s house. Well first of all her kids are super well-File Jun 24, 12 27 14 PMbehaved. But duh, that wasn’t new to me. They are so well-behaved, I’ve written about them TWICE before. Once because of their manners and once because of a crazy story that happened to one of her boys. Oh yah and did I mention that she has TWO sets of twins? Yep. Let that one sink in for a minute. lol So when I was staying at her house for a few days before we met up with our other bestie Heather for Spring Break, I noticed that her kids all answered her and her husband with a “yes ma’am” or “yes sir.” Say what? We spent Christmas vacation with her family and I noticed it then too. It just sounded nice. I am not from the South and I realize this could possibly be more of a Southern thing but all of a sudden I wanted in. I wanted in on my kids doing this because it just sounds so dang polite I can’t even stand it. lol Then I realized wait, my friend Noel does this with her boys too and I always loved it…why am I not doing this inFile Jun 24, 12 31 36 PM our house??!!

So I came back from that trip in April and said to my husband, I want in on what Marylouise and Noel do with their kids. I love this yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, no sir thing. He just kinda looked at me like, ok…but was totally in. So since my revelation back in April (ya know two whole months ago-haha), we’ve implemented this new process. We ask both of the girls to do with with us, with Momma Jane, friends and even strangers. Look, I’m totally realistic. Our oldest is ten so we are a good eight years behind with her but I figure we still have time with our three-year old. We are really trying with both of them and while it’s still a total work-in-progress, we aren’t giving up and each day they get better and more politer.

File Jun 24, 12 25 56 PMWill it last forever? Who knows, but right now I kinda like pretending I’m a real Southerner and getting in on this whole yes ma’am, yes sir thing. 🙂

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • Hope says:

    LOL !! I even say it when I’m ordering at a drive-thru. 😀

  • Tami says:

    It was sooo how we were raised here in the South. We all that it happened elsewhere, and didn’t know any better. My parents would not respond or let us leave the room unless the “ma’am” or the “sir” was said. And, that expectation was there even with our teachers and other adults. Even when working in customer service and on the phone with a customer, the “ma’am” and the “sir” are unspoken expectations. You just SAY it. Anything less has never been acceptable. I think it’s a good lesson for Lily and Luna. It will teach them to respect others, and in turn receive respect when it’s their turn to receive it. You don’t get respect unless you give it.

  • Tami says:

    Sorry…should have proofread…….”we all THOUGHT it happened elsewhere…..”

  • Janet West says:

    Awesome, Cindy! It’s also a Southern thing to say, yes ma’am or yes sir to a person of professional respect as well. My primary care is Dr. Heidi Chun at Eagle’s Landing Family Practice, and she is wonderful!!!! She’s a 4′ ?” tiny thing who can’t be past 35, but I said, “yes ma’am” to her last Wednesday. I’m 54, so it kinda caught her off guard. I had to explain to her that it was a “Southern thing” and out of habit. I smiled as I was walking out of her office, then I looked to Heaven and said thank you mama and daddy.

  • heather says:

    I always tell people it was beaten into me to say ma’am and sir. I’m mostly kidding, however it has always been expected of me and my siblings. I am also teaching my son (same age as Luna) to say it. He isn’t to the point of saying it without being reminded and I have been using them with him since birth. So, don’t give up on the girls just because it takes them a little while to get it.

  • Terri Chase says:

    That bit of manners will carry them far! In an age of disrespect, it stands out in everything from interviews to school!

  • Coach karyn says:

    As a career development coach for High school and college age kids, those that say mam and sir are also the nose to get something done! I nanny 2 days a week and she has her 18 month old saying it! The older daughter likes to tell him to say it to so they tell her “your brother will copy you so if you do it he will! 😜 Congrats on jumping on the southern train!

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I think this is great to teach our children. I taught my boys this and now my grandchildren are learning this. Our children need to learn respect. We are lacking this in todays world. Thank you for sharing

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