Meet our new baby boy!

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A few months ago we lost our sweet boy Winchester (aka Winnie) after almost 14 years of him being in our family. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. I had NO idea how much it was going to affect me and how sad I was going to be. I really didn’t. My heart was broken. Whenever we talked about the possibility of another doggie, I was like ummmm, N to the O, hail no. I thought it was going to take yearrrrrrs for me to want another one. The thing I learned about myself and my family through that experience is that man, we have soooo much love to give and we just had this hole in our hearts since Winnie left us. We needed a new fur baby!

File Jan 19, 6 54 41 AMWhen we moved into our new neighborhood about a year and half ago, one of the first dogs we ever saw in our ‘hood was a red standard poodle. The girls and I would see him on our walks and melt. He literally looks like a big red teddy bear. Then we met a white standard Goldendoodle in the hood. Same thing. Sooooo cute! We have like four or five of these now in our neighborhood and they are soooo stinkin’ adorable. All reds too except the white one. I got to dog-sit both white and red doodles in the neighborhood recently and I fell in love. I researched the poodle/doodle breeds because I have severe allergies to dogs (and cats) and heard they were pretty close to being hypo-allergenic…as a dog can be. They are great with kids, family…smart and friendly. So when our family decided it was time to find a new fur baby, I was thinking red, small (like our Winnie was) and some form of a poodle breed. So a sweet neighbor friend got her red standard doodle a few weeks ago from a friend of hers Jane, whose standard poodle recently had puppies. She recommended that we talk to Jane but when weFile Jan 19, 6 54 51 AM did, she said they had only one left in the liter…black, standard size and they weren’t sure if they wanted to let him go. When we told Jane about our family and got to know her, she invited us to her house to meet him and see if he would even be a good fit for us. So on our way to Nashville this past weekend, we stopped by to visit Jane and her husband Zane in Calhoun, GA. ( I mean right, how great are those names for a sweet married couple?!) I wasn’t sure how I thought I was going to feel because he was gonna be a big dog AND he wasn’t the color I “thought” I wanted. HAHAHAHAHA How lame am I?! Yahhhhh, that lasted about 1.2 seconds after I met him and we knew without a doubt he was the one! Jane knew it too! Plus, his sister lives down the street from us? Yes! Win! Jane and I texted about him all weekend about him and we couldn’t wait to come back and pick him up to take him home. I felt like it was all kind of meant to be. Her name is Jane. I have a Momma Jane. Lily’s middle name is Jane. I just believe in silly signs like that.

So meet Loki. Yes, for those of you who know me, you get the name. If you don’t, Loki is the black haired villain from the Marvel Avengers and Thor movies. 😉 File Jan 19, 6 54 22 AMMy fave! He is a black standard goldendoodle, two and a half months old and he is EVERYTHING! I love him, I love him, I love him! Did I mention I love him? He has pee’d on our rug about 87 times in less than 24 hours and I don’t even care. But really, how do they just KNOW to pee on the ONE AND ONLY rug you have in your ENTIRE hardwood floor house??!!! lol Anyway, he is such a snuggle bug. He is so sweet and he (so far) is super chill. He is going to be BIG too and my husband cannot be any happier. I think he feels like he got a little bit of a victory with this big fluffy boy and I am gonna let him take this victory because that poor man has to live with FOUR women in this house so it’s about time he got himself a boy! 😉

Hope you love him as much as we do!

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • Cyndy says:

    PURRFECT pet!! You’ll enjoy him for years to come, congrats!!

  • Bruce Meadows says:

    So sweet!!!
    My 3 are “Poogles” (poodle/beagle mix) so I fully support the poodle mixes!!
    I knew you wouldn’t last long because there’s NO love like a pup’s love!!
    Congrats on your heart & home being complete again!! ❤️🐾❤️

  • Heather says:

    He is SO cute!!

  • Janie DeFoor says:

    I love it! What a sweet article and Zane and I couldn’t be happier that Loki went to such a wonderful family. Now you, Eric, Lilly, Luna and Momma Jane are part of the DeFoor Doodle family! We are so excited that Loki and Ginger (brother and sister doodles) are neighbors now!

  • Sandra Boyett says:

    He is adoreable! Like you, I am very allergic and I have never been a big pet person. I didn’t dislike them, but didn’t really care to own one. As you can see from my profile picture, that totally changed. Two years ago Amanda and Brad sent me a picture of Sophie and I fell in love too and I concided to get her. Sophie is 110 pounds at two and last year we got Sabor who at one is over 100 lbs and is at least 3″ taller and longer than Sophie. They are Great Pyrenees and are the most loving dogs I have ever encounter. I can’t imagine life with out them even though a year ago Sophie accidently, while chasing either a bunny or cat at 5 am, clipped me at the knees and I flipped over completely landing on the walkway on my right hip breaking it. I felt it and heard it when it broke. That was August 14, 2014, since that time I have had life threating issues mutiple times and still get steriold shots every six weeks due to pain; but I would not change a thing. Sophie was devistated and still to this day she sleeps at my feet during the day. Your new fur baby looks like my mother’s Dee Dee. Dee Dee passed away many years before my mama and we have a statue that looks just like Dee Dee, which I plan to take and put on her grave the next time I go to vistit her.

  • What a cutie! Congrats!

  • Tracy Smith says:

    Squeeeee!!!! He’s so sweet Cindy!!! Beautiful pup! I’m sure he’ll fit right in and give all of you the best love ever! I had a shih you (also hypoallergenic for the most part) named Izzy many years ago whom I still miss today. Sweetest dog ever and funny too. He was with me through so much happiness & heartache. If I was sad or crying he would come sit by me and just lick my arm one time. How do you not get so emotionally attached to a creature like that. Winnie is happy your home is furbaby occupied again! He wants you to share the love. Enjoy your new love!

  • Cindy D Simmons says:

    Welcome to your furever home Sweet Loki! Yes my name is Cindy Simmons too.

  • Janet West says:

    How lame is it that I am crying about this?! Ha Ha I’m so happy for you and your family to have this pup. I know myself how hard it is to lose a fur baby, but I came to realize that it’s no disrespect to get another fur baby. You’ll never lose that place in your heart for Winnie. It stays, but you and your family have so much love for dogs that you have to have that other element.
    He is such a cutie and I LOVE his name! It’s adorable! That picture of Eric snd Loki says it all! God Bless you and your family!

  • Ashley Davis says:

    Loki?!?! I love it! I can’t wait to meet him!

  • Josie Long says:

    Omg, omg, omg!! He’s just like, ADORABLE!!! I just want to take him, and cuddle him til like he doesn’t want anything to do with me, anymore! Congratulations Cindy, Eric, Lilly, and Luna!! I’m beyond happy for y’all!!

  • Michele says:

    So happy for you! I lost my soulmate, the love of my life Bella, my 5lb Papillion almost 10 months ago. She was only 5 years old and it was sudden. I am still healing. I want another baby so bad. Not to replace my sweet Bella of course, but I too have so much love to give. I am waiting for Bella to send a baby to me. My daughters in-laws have a goldendoodle. He is so cute and soft. They too have allergies so that is the perfect dog for them. I know you will thoroughly enjoy your new addition! God Bless!

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