Seriously, how hard is it to WAVE to someone??!!


For some reason this has been frustrating me lately and I want to vent about it to see if it bugs anyone else too!

I’m a waver. Initiator waver AND return waver! lol

I wave to people driving by my house when I am out sitting on my front porch.

I wave to people in my rear view mirror when they let me get over in my car.

When I walk with my youngest daughter in the stroller and a car drives by, I wave.

Look, I understand if you are not a wave initiator but for pete’s sake, is it really THAT hard to return a wave? I ask this because lately I have noticed it alot. I know we all have alot going on. We are busy. Distracted. But I ask again…is it really SO hard to return a wave?

There is an older gentleman who lives in our neighborhood. His name is Joe. I smile and wave to him ALL.OF.THE.TIME. Our whole family does and guess what? Nothing. Not a smile. Not a wave. However, apparently most of our neighbors have the same story, so it’s not just me. I talk to my oldest daughter about this kind of stuff all of the time. I tell her if someone is unkind that we #1. pray for them and #2 understand that it has NOTHING to do with us and everything to do with them. But for some reason with Old Man Joe (OMJ), I can’t let it go. I can’t figure it out and I guess it just makes me kind of sad. Like, what is SO wrong in OMJ’s world that he is that grumpy?? But maybe that’s it. Maybe OMJ’s heart is sad. Maybe something hurt OMJ so deeply that he has lost the ability to find joy in his heart. Sigh.

So you know what I am going to do? Continue to smile and wave to OMJ and I am not giving up. Maybe one day he will crack a smile but until then…I’m just gonna be that annoying girl down the street who continues to smile and wave to him because that makes my heart happy and maybe someday it will make his!

XO Surviving Mommy



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  • ANTHONY says:


  • MsAwesomePants says:

    I’m a waver, too. But living in a small town, there’s a 80% chance I know them. I wave to everyone, just to be on the safe side. 🙂

  • Marie Castine says:

    WAVE ON!

  • Michele Freeman says:

    I agree with you 100%! I would continue to wave to OMJ. He may actually like seeing you wave to him but yes, he may be a sad man. He may surprise you one day and wave back. If it makes you happy continue to do it. I also am very courteous and wave when someone lets me over when I’m driving and when I let someone over and they don’t wave it bothers me because I just did them a favor! It is a simple gesture that takes no thought and it could seriously make or break someone’s day. Let’s all do our part and keep the wave going!

  • Libby Williams Long says:

    I agree, I don’t understand why people can’t wave. I also can’t understand why people don’t know their neighbors. I use to live in a culdusac that was awesome!! everyone knew everyone, all the kids were friends and played together, you could call your neighbor if you needed an egg. but now in my current neighborhood if you ring your neighbors door bell your lucky if they come to the door. so sad!!! keep waving!!!

  • Heather Young Weatherby says:

    Sounds like the bit in the movie, “Under The Tuscan Sun” when she says hello and waves every morning. Keep on showing the love sister!

  • Nancy says:

    Are you sure that he can see you waving? Perhaps he has macular degeneration really bad and cannot recognize a wave from a far. Just a thought. Keep on waving girlfriend!

  • Carla_Royal says:

    I know old man Joe. Sure enough, old Joe is a tad quirky, just like most of my neighbors here. That’s what makes this such a special community. Joe Is special in his own right. He’s not much of a waver, to be sure, but he’s an especially generous man who donates a ton of time to the community at large. Waving, or the lack thereof, is not an indication of a person’s character. Sometimes it’s just a quirk. Cindy, you are beautifully outgoing and it is a pleasure running into you when I’m out and about, but it’s not as natural for everyone and that’s a-OK. We all have our gifts. Joe’s are pretty special, just like yours.

  • Kim says:

    Me & Daughter will say lets get in the car and wave at people we like to see if they will actually wave back, laugh , smile and wonder who these crazy people are that are waving at them. Also at work I say hey if I pass someone in the hall whether I know then or not. How much energy does it take to say hi back!!!!

  • When we moved to Georgia from FLorida I thought it was weird that everyone waved but now I’m a waver as well. When I go visit family in New England I get the strangest looks.

  • Olivine Eyes says:

    I only wave at people I know. I don’t think there’s any point at waving at strangers when you’re busy doing something else.

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