Chigger Gate 2015

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What in the world??!! THAT is the question I asked as I was looking at my war torn legs writhing in pain from my chigger attack the other day. Over the weekend our neighborhood called Serenbe had a potluck dinner to celebrate ten years of being a neighborhood. It took place out in one of the neighborhood fields here in the “country” where we live and it was a BLAST! I knew when we moved to the country last chigger 3year that bugs, insects, rodents and animals would be our new friends! But boy, I didn’t know what to expect when a bug called chigger entered my life! Don’t know what a chigger is? Yahhhh…I am from California so I didn’t know either. Here’s what I found when I googled chigger: Chiggers are the juvenile form (larvae) of a certain type of mite of the family Trombiculidae. Mites are arachnids (like spiders and ticks). Chiggers are found throughout the world. They most commonly live in forests, grassy fields, gardens, parks, and in moist areas around lakes or rivers. Most of the larvae that cause chigger bites are found on plants that are relatively close to the ground surface, because they require a high level of humidity for survival. Source: aka YUCK!

I wore a maxi dress to the potluck thinking…long dress = no bugs on my legs right?! Boy, was I WRONG! I woke up the next day looking like someone shot my legs up with a BB gun. Those little suckers must have liked my sweet juicy thighs so much they invited the whole chigger neighborhood over for dinner to feast on my thighs. And not just the thighs…they went all the way from my ankles to my you know where and had a big ol’ chigger party. I’m not even kidding you! Oh and the pain. OH EM GEE. I have birthed two children AND had Breast Cancer and I swear the pain from the itching was worse than all three of those combined. Ok maybe not, but pretty darn close.

First I tried my go-to Calendula cream (that they now sell at Target. Yay!). I mean, I put that stuff on everything. But this was like Defcon 1 chigger bites and I knew I had to seek medical help. So I did what any other normal person does when they need to seek medical attention…get on Facebook. lol Upon my Facebook visit, I had many different things recommended to me. Clear nail polish. Nail polish remover. Chig away. Chig be gone. Chiggy Chiggy Bang Bang. You name it, I tried it! Nothing worked! I also learned several other neighbors got chigger attacked at the potluck too. My Chigger 1neighbor Ali posted that she was dying and I knew her pain oh too well. Thankfully some chigger professionals (Carla and Eliza) both posted that Essential Oils were the way to go. I went to visit my neighbor Eliza, who I will forever now call the awesome Witch Doctor because she whipped me up some Essential Oils concoction and it was the first time I didn’t want to die from scratching myself to death. She used Tea tree oil! Who knew??! Thanks ladies! My neighbor Sandy’s husband Bruce got them so badly last year he had to see an actual Doctor (not just Facebook-lol) AND get a prescription!!! I had NEVER even heard of a chigger until recently. Welcome to the country I guess! 🙂 I will now refer to this experience as ChiggerGate2015

So I was going to post a picture of my legs from the chigger attack but then realized that not only would the grotesqueness of the bites make your stomach turn but there was no way I was sharing the cellulite that is also on my legs either. See, my good readers, I spared you all.

In return, I only ask that you share your chigger experiences below so that we can all suffer together!

XO Surviving Mommy

PS. If you’re interested in my trusted brand and how to get started using essential oils, then CLICK HERE!


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  • Michele says:

    I’m so sorry you had to go through that! I have never had them myself but know people who have. I guess you know those critters live under your skin! It just grosses me out to think of it. I actually have a situation that happened to me last night. I was getting the dirty towels out of the garage that were used to wash a vehicle and brought them in to put into the washing machine. Well low and behold I also brought in a scorpion, which I did not know until I stepped on it! OMG! The pain!!! I didn’t feel the sting but the second it stung me on the bottom of my second toe, I thought I was going to throw up! The pain was unbearable! Of course I squeezed it to make sure there wasn’t a stinger in my toe, then I put alcohol on it. I kid you not, the pain lasted an hour! I have only been stung by one once before when I was 9 months pregnant. I had stepped outside and stepped on one and I was home alone and I kid you not, I had to crawl back into the house. They like cool damp places. They are the brown ones. Thank God I didn’t have an allergic reaction! And don’t even get me started on ticks! I can take them off of our animals but if I get one on me I freak out and scream until someone comes to my rescue because I can’t take them off of myself! I would just assume stay indoors! Hope you get to feeling better!

  • Angi Bransdorf says:

    Spending my childhood partly in the country and living in a rural area now chigger and tick and mosquito bites are a ongoing battle that makes us look like we have the plague! One thing I started doing to prevent chiggers (helps with others as well for us) is essential oils ( I prefer lavender but lemon grass and tea tree work as well) in a mixture of jojoba oil or witch hazel. Mix in a spray bottle (witch hazel and essential oils) and spray on you. It repels them.

  • Melissa K says:

    Stock up on that tea tree oil… The bites I’ve gotten before stuck around for a few weeks… The itching wears off and it just feels kinda rough while it heals. Good luck!

  • Hope says:

    omg Cindy !! Can totally relate !! W just back from a week in Hilton Head – the “no-see-um-s” just about ate us alive !!! :-D”

  • Olivine Eyes says:

    Ouch, don’t want to think about any bug bites. You’re okay since this was posted over a year ago. Still, ouch.

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