Sooooo I ran into my ex-boyfriend…

Jason3A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…aka Los Angeles, I dated a boy. We’ll call him Jason. Oh wait, that’s his REAL name. Ok, let’s call him Horsemouth. Stay with me because there is a reason for that nickname and an apology for calling him that! 😉

Jason and I dated when we were VERY young but I thought I was going to marry him. Probably because we had the marriage conversation AND he also told my parents the same thing. Well, asJason2parents you can obviously figure out, that relationship ended and we didn’t get married. Thank goodness because then I wouldn’t be able to write this blog! (hee hee) In all seriousness, he wasn’t a great boyfriend anyway. He had issues with staying faithful on more than one occasion, blah, blah, blah, but mannnnn, did I love his family!! Seriously, after I broke up with him, I was actually more disappointed that I wasn’t going to be IN his family than I was that we broke up. Fast forward to seven years ago. Jason is originally from Atlanta and moved back here to do a morning show for Atlanta country radio station 94.9 The Bull the same time I went from having an afternoon show on STAR 94 in Atlanta to then doing a morning show for STAR 94. We were “competitors” on the radio for almost seven years but oddly enough, had NEVER run into each other in Atlanta or even really since shortly after we broke up.

Until now.  Dum. Dum. Dum. (that’s supposed to be really dramatic music) Anyway, last month my Nashville bestie helped me pull off a surprise birthday present for my oldest daughter’ Lily’s tenth birthday. We went to see the Lady Antebellum and Sam Hunt tour. While at the concert and enjoying the show with my Nashville bestie and our two daughters, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, it was Jason. The funny thing is we were really glad to see each other. Really! It’s kinda like seeing someone from your childhood after a long time! None of that silly relationship stuff mattered anymore. Oh and the fact that he does a radio show with one of my dearest friends Kristen means that of course he and I both know what each other has been up to. He’s had a girlfriend for years and I’m married with children. It was kinda fun introducing him to Lily and seeing him still be a bit surprised that I have a ten year old daughter! ha ha It was truly nice to catch up with him! I am such a believer in everything happens for a reason and I have no regrets, just life lessons. While our relationship didn’t work out, he’s a decent guy and he’s actually pretty talented on the radio. I have always said that about him. Jason and Kristen’s show Caffeinated Radio Jasonkristenis even one of my morning radio shows of choice. Through the years, even though he and I weren’t in touch, I have kept in touch with his lovely family and was saddened when his mom passed away a little while after my dad did three years ago. She was a pretty special woman!

Ok, so quick story about his nickname, “Horsemouth.”  When I moved out of California shortly after our break-up, I moved to Nashville. As you can imagine my friends weren’t so in love with what he did to me or that he was still in contact with me after I moved. So after a Nashville run in went sour, one of my Nashville friends Brad named him Horsemouth. Which as funny as it was at the time, I never understood the name because he doesn’t even have a horse mouth at all. Anyway, it sort of stuck with my friends and if exes ever came up on my radio show, everyone just sort of knew him as that…”Horsemouth.” That being said, I know it’s not kind to give people ugly nicknames so I apologize and I will officially now ban his nickname from this point forward. Not sure if he ever knew about the name or not, (I guess he does now, lol) but regardless, he was kind enough to be totally ok with me writing this blog! Thanks Jason! 🙂

I can honestly say that every boy (or guy) I dated over the course of my life, although they didn’t work out, are a part of my life story. I have fond memories of all of my relationships and I appreciate that I took something and learned from each one of them. All of those experiences led me to the man I am so in love with and married to today. Yay! Now I sound like one of those Budweiser commercials. Here’s to Eric, the man who laughs at his silly wife who writes stories about ex-run ins, super cool Mr. Awesome Husband of the Year Guy!

XO Surviving Mommy



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  • LOVE this story! Funny, but sweet! I ran into my high school boyfriend a few years back and it was awkward. I seriously thought we would get married!! He’s a cop in a metro Atlanta area and was working security at a Braves game. I was with my son and husband. I introduced everyone and that was about it; I wasn’t attracted to the guy AT ALL anymore and frankly couldn’t understand why I was so into him way back when. Hahaha
    God works in mysterious ways sometimes!

  • Paula says:

    Cindy since you left Star I have been listening to the Bull because of Kristen. I knew that was you calling in and was wondering if you would put it on your blog.

  • Michele says:

    You are an absolute HOOT! I love reading your blogs and you are right, everyone we have any kind of relationship with does leave memories whether they are good or bad. Glad you got to share this post and remind us all that ending something always means starting something new. I’m glad you found your soulmate!

  • Taylor says:

    Hysterical! Horse mouth IS a good sport to let you write this. 😉 God bless the broken road that led you to ERIC! ❤️😍

    • Thanks! Yes, he is a great sport. We were so young and we ALL make mistakes. It’s part of growing up!! Yes, so grateful to have found Eric…such a Blessing in my life! Thanks Taylor! xo

  • Goose says:

    Do you have any old exes that you DON’T get along with?!?! Hehe.

  • Ashley Davis says:

    You always have such awesome perspective on life!
    Love you!

  • Brad says:

    You posted a picture of Horsemouth next to a horse! Hilarious! I agree that that was not very nice of me to call Jason that. I apologize for giving you that nickname, Jason. I hated to see my friend Cindy hurting and I lashed out at you by calling you a name. Like a kid does. Still trying to grow up…

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