This is NOT going to be one of those Working Moms vs Stay At Home Moms blog. Ever.


In this particular blog, I want to ONLY talk to the MOMS who have experience working outside of the home or who have ever worked outside of the home.  Which is more difficult (for you) in your opinion? Your work outside of the home or taking care of your children?  A good friend recently shared this article with me and I found it pretty interesting.  Three women admitted that motherhood was much more exhausting than their office job. What do you think? And before we go any further, the one thing you will never find me doing on this blog is judging what any other Mothers chose to do. I believe if we all focused on uplifting other mothers and women, instead of judging and tearing them apart, we would all be a little happier.

I had a unique situation. For years I worked a morning job that required me being at work VERY early in the morning while my children were mostly asleep. After putting in my “day at the office”, I got to come home (usually by lunchtime) and experience my other full time job, that of a stay at home mom. I gotta tell you, in my opinion and my own experience…the working mother thing coupled with motherhood thing is HARD.  But which is harder? A job outside of the home OR the job you do inside of the home? I guess I can’t really answer that because I did both.  I will say though that I think all moms work hard. No blowing smoke here, it’s the truth! Whether you mostly work out of the house or in the house or even both…motherhood is no walk in the park.

I think the thing that keeps ME going is the I Love You’s.  Really. Sounds silly but it’s the truth.  Anytime I feel overwhelmed or exhausted from working or motherhood or both…all one of my daughters has to say is I LOVE YOU and I remember why I work so hard. To hear those three little words.

SO I go back to my initial question, in your opinion, which is more difficult for you? Motherhood or your job outside of the house? 

XO Surviving Mommy


  • Christy Talley-Clark says:

    I would say work. I’ve done both and juggling it all can be overwhelming at times. Plus all the extras we sign up for in life.

  • Cady says:

    I would say motherhood. I left the news department of a radio station to stay at home/work from home, and this is much harder. Granted, I am working part time at home, too, but dealing with my 5-year-old all day (when she’s not at school) is definitely more stressful than work!

  • Carol Bridwell says:

    I’ve always been a working Mom, and all I can say is that the times I was at home, like during school vacations, etc., I remember feeling like it was almost a break to go back to work! 🙂 Being a Mom is the hardest job ever, but by far the most rewarding! It’s tough being home with the kids because they need love and attention all the time, and I always felt guilty if I wasn’t “there” for them when I was home. Working gave us the money though to take them fun places and involve them in all the activities and sports they wanted to play. It worked for us for me to work outside the home, and I couldn’t have done it without a lot of help from some very loving people. When the kids were small, we had an amazing, loving, babysitter, and that made all the difference in the world to me. Then when they started school, they were lucky enough to be able to get off the bus at Grandma’s house, which made her day, and gave them a lot of time, and a special bond with her, that blessed their lives so much. Our boys are grown now and are amazing young men, and I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂

  • Robin Cailloux says:

    I think it depends on your personality. Just like some people love to play the piano, not all of those people should make it a full time job. I’m not comparing motherhood to a hobby, I’m just saying that some people have an intrinsic aptitude of being around children. So if you’re energized by children, then being around them all day is easier than if you’re not. It’s kindof like being an introvert or extrovert- it’s just part of who you are. So for me, being a full time mom and being around children all day is WAY harder than Transportation Planning (my profession). l love my kids, just like I love my husband, but I don’t want to be around them ALL day.

  • Annaleigh Moses says:

    Cindy I really don’t think these 2 jobs can be adequately compared. They’re just not equal. There are parallels and similarities, but in my opinion thre is too much inequity. I have always worked full time and after becoming a single mom, I worked a few part time hours too. Being a mom is 24/7 work. My kiddos are older now but even when I was away from my 2, they were always on my mind. Even now that they’re older, they remain close in my thoughts when we’re apart.
    You can leave “work at work” in most instances, and not have it dancing around your mind and heart when you’re away, but you can’t separate psychologically, emotionally or spiritually from your children. At least I couldn’t completely disengage – and wouldn’t have wanted to!
    I have been so fortunate to have incredible flexibility with a profession that allowed me to be with my children whenever they needed me to be there, like if they were sick, or had a field trip or ball practice. I was also fortunate that their grandmother kept them, played with them and gave them love while I was working. But I still wept when I missed my daughters first step.
    I believe that I am a better mom because I worked. I never took my moments with my children for granted. I still don’t – although our moments together – and our individual relationships have changed as they have grown. We are very close and they are the most amazing experiences of my life.

  • Amy Osborne Harber says:

    Cindy, I left my full time job in June of 2013. I had pretty much always been a work outside of the home mom. My office relocated from Atlanta to Fairburn (I live in Kennesaw) and my commute went from 1 hour to 1.5 hours each way. My youngest was 4 at the time and was having a lot of trouble in his day care (turns out he has extreme ADHD). Between the increased commute and my little’s problems it became clear that being gone 12 hours a day was not going to work for our family. Now that I have been CEO of our home for over a year and a half I honestly do not know how I ever had time to work! Maybe at the beginning of the next school year my little will have improved enough so that I won’t need to be available to go pick him up at a moment’s notice and I will look for work. If not, then that is OK too. Having been on both sides of the situation I really hate seeing mom’s arguing over which is better (not that any of that is going on here). We are all doing the best we can and need to support and uplift each other. Being a mom is hard, whether you get a paycheck or not!

  • Kim says:

    I am a single mom that works full time. I have a 1 year old(almost 2) little boy. I would have to say being a mom is harder than my job. I have been at my job for 3 years. And I love it, however chasing after a 1 year old and constantly having to say no, and then him tell me no in return, and going through the terrible 2’s early is by far way harder than sitting at my desk and talking to customers. I am a Technical support person. I do get frustrated at my job at times and at home. However, I just look at it as tomorrow is a new day. Don’t get me wrong of course. I wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything in the world! IT is one of the most rewarding jobs especially when your little one looks up at you and give you a big hug after a bad day and tells you he loves you!! Being a single mom is harder because I don’t have that extra pair of hands to help chase after him. But I know God has a plan and as hard as it may be sometimes to balance both work and being a mom. It is the most rewarding gift I could have ever recieved!

  • Alicia says:

    hey Cindy! I am 53 years old, work full time outside of the home (now), and have 3 adult sons. Being a mom is only difficult when you put too much expectation and perfection in raising your children and taking care of your home. I was fortunate to not have to work outside of our home until my youngest began 2nd grade and let me tell you, I would do it all over again without changing a thing! When we work in the career field outside of the home, our expectations come more from our superiors than from ourselves; if we do not have good productivity in our field of work, we may be reprimanded, re-evaluated, demoted, or any other number of things to increase our value within the company we are employed. Being at home and being a mommy is not the same. The reprimands and evaluations come from within ourselves as we will always question if we are doing something the “right” way or did we do something “good enough”. Did we handle a situation in the right way? Should we have been more firm with our decision or should we have been not so “hard” on our child? There is no right or wrong when you do the best that YOU can do, makes the choices that you feel are right for you, your child and your family, and instill good morals, the love of God and respect for others. The satisfaction doesn’t come from a monetary value, but quite simply from the value of watching your child grow into such a beautiful and caring person. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Have fun, the house won’t fall apart if there is dust in the corner or the dishes didn’t get washed – life will pass by so quickly that you will be glad you had a “jammies” day with the girls, or played in the mud puddles, or even had an indoor water gun fight (which I did with my boys more than once!). The only difficulty in being a mommy is learning how not to critique yourself into thinking everything has to be perfect – love, life and laughter will be sure that everything will turn out perfectly!

  • Working Moms Without A Job says:

    You must watch our You tube video 12-What do stay at home moms do all day….be sure to watch until the end because there is an addition for working moms….we answer your question here, well kinda!!!;)

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