To minivan or not to minivan?

That is the question. No, really. Should we get a minivan? Our family has a three row SUV. It’s only a few years old and I planned on driving this SUV for the next ten years at least…like my last SUV. I even really like this car. It’s cute. It’s fine. I am just not a “car person”. I don’t dream of cars that I want. I don’t dream of driving a fancy car. Even if I won the lottery, I would never dream of spending 80 grand on a car. Waste of money. But that’s just me and again…I’m not a car person. I have never gotten upset when someone has rear ended me or say when I rear ended a tree. Yep, actually happened last year. In my neighborhood. In front of like 20 neighbors. But I digress. When I get bumps and bruises on my car, I don’t run to the repair shop to get them fixed right away. I think this all goes back to my philosophy about “stuff” and how we try to teach our kids about not being so consumed with “stuff.” It’s the same reason you don’t see me running to the nail salon every two weeks or buying fancy shoes and bags. I used to be that girl. Not anymore. Experiences and creating memories…that’s where my heart is now. I would much rather focus our family budget on experiences and creating memories.

file-sep-15-1-34-31-pmSo speaking of experiences and creating memories. Our family likes to travel. By car, plane or boat. Whatever. We just like to do things together and make memories. Since we recently invested in becoming Annual Pass Holders at Walt Disney World, we have traveled there quite frequently this last year. With a family of five and now a large dog…we need room when we travel. Although, we don’t normally travel with our big ol’ puppy Loki…he does ride in the car with me to take our daughters to school and even he is so squashed in the front seat and back seat. We have suitcases, a stroller, a wheelchair for when mom gets pooped and just stuff that you take on road trips. We like to take road trips to visit our friends who are like family. So whether it’s our family in Nashville or an hour from us here in Georgia…we do a lot of car traveling. So I mentioned to my husband last week when we got back from our Halloween Party/Momma Jane’s Birthday Disney trip that maybe we need to trade over to a mini van. The look on his face was like “whaaaaaat?”

You see, I said for years that I would NEVER and I mean NEVERRRR get a minivan. Me, not him. And not because I find anything wrong with them orfile-sep-15-1-34-11-pm anyone who has them. I don’t know, I just felt like maybe we didn’t need alllll of that room and that maybe that would make me officially look like a…wait for it…MOM! Oh em geeeee a MOM????? Like really, as if oh I dunno, the TWO CHILDREN I BIRTHED didn’t do that already!! haha I know, #ImLame.

I am here to tell you…I think we might need a minivan.

I took a ride with my neighbor Rebekah last month in her minivan and was like whooooooa…now, this is a LUXURY vehicle! There is SO MUCH ROOM! My Florida BFF has one too and when I was visiting her for Spring Break, we were riding around in it…like seven of us fit in it. SEVEN! Comfortably!! WITH car seats!

Soooo I turn to you my Surviving Mommy friends and ask…to minivan or not to minivan?

XO Surviving Mommy


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  • Alison says:

    I had a Honda Odyssey and I have to say I hated it. Ok so I did get it used but it wasn’t super old and it was certified pre-owned.

    I had nothing but issues. Towards the end I was fixing it monthly.

    I have 4 young children and a lot of dogs. When we started looking for another vehicle I kept seeing minivans with the things we needed at way to much money for –a minivan!

    I think the only luxury of minivans is when you have really young children who open car doors in tight spots. That’s it for me.

    We ended up getting a Toyota Sequoia that has much more room. Now I’m not a large car advocate but I think my options on cars ran out the more children and dogs I brought in.

    I’d stick with the suv

  • Stacy says:

    My sister loves her Honda mini, but my hubs and I, who are taller, simply don’t fit the seats. (My hubs is 6’9″ so that limits our cars considerably.) I’ve looked at Surburbans. Love those….but I’d also love a Sprinter van, so maybe I’m not the best at the car stuff! Lol!

  • Heather says:

    Fiance and I are thinking about getting a minivan and we don’t even have kids!… Just because they are THAT awesome.
    I’ve only every heard everyone I know that has them, how much they love them.
    They save you money on gas, are easier with kids, and I’m sure your Mom would love how easy it would be for her to get in and out of one! Plus, they are so much more affordable than bigger SUV’s/
    Do your research and make sure to find one that has been well-reviewed, before you take the plunge…. 🙂

  • Terry L. Hutchings says:

    I am Personally not a fan on the Mini Van, BUT …. YOU certainly would benefit from one ! 🙂 My husband loves them – he said I need one JUST for all my horse equipment !

  • Nichole says:

    There are soooo many pros to having a minivan. We had a Honda Pilot that I absolutely loved, and then went to a Honda Odyssey, and now we have a Nissan Pathfinder. I personally like the SUV’s better. However, there are many things I miss about the minivan. I miss the automatic sliding back doors. It is so nice not having to worry about your kids slamming the door into another vehicle. I also miss the pilot seat in the second row. Being able to take out and leave out the second row middle set make it so easy for the kids to get back to the 3rd row. Also, we had a lot more storage in the back when we traveled! Good luck!!

  • Catherine says:

    I have one daughter, now 15, and bought a Honda Odyssey when she was 4. Just turning 200,000 miles on it and I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. Handy for GNO, carting my daughter and her friends (keeps me in the loop if I am the driver) and family vacations. Has really been a work horse with basic maintenance (tires, brakes and oil). I would get another in a heartbeat.

  • Michele says:

    I must say that when my kids were younger… Very long ago, they begged for a larger vehicle. I also had a job where I had to haul products to gas stations so I needed a large vehicle. I ended up getting a Chevy van with the bucket seats and the bed in the back with a tv. The kids loved it. Well as they got older it wasn’t as cool and I didn’t need it for my job because I began working for the school system so I got a Durango. Well my kids thought that was the coolest thing. That lasted a couple of years and I wanted to be a cool mom so I bought a Mini Cooper S! It was the highlight for me and my kids! Eventually they got too big to ride in the backseat but I wasn’t willing to give up my mini! They were at the point in their lives that they had their own vehicles. I do think there comes a time in your life when a mini van or suv is necessary when you have kids. It makes life so much easier for many reasons. My only advice is to not buy it new. You can get a great deal on a used one. Think about it. Many people get mini vans when they have smaller kids. They out grow them in a few years and move on to an suv or something else so there are plenty of great deals on used ones out there. Take some time to look around then spend the day test driving them. You will know what feels right for you. Sorry for the long response. I think you should keep your options open. Good luck and God Bless!

  • Kerry says:

    Mini Van all the way! You’ll love all the room!!

  • Mackenzie says:

    Do it!! I just went from my SUV of 14 years to a Dodge Grand Caravan mini van. Love it!!! The space is unbeatable! And it’s realllllllllly comfortable!

  • Olivine Eyes says:

    I don’t care, just make sure it gets good gas mileage.

  • Brandy Carter says:

    I have 1 child, who is fixing to be driving!!😭😭😭 I have always said I would NEVER drive a mini van, but I am in LOVE with the new dodge mini vans!!! They are NICE and even kinda sporty!! You should totally check them out!! I will still obviously never drive a mini van but I’m dying to get back into a SUV!!! Not a car person at all!!!😝😝

  • Cindy Pittman says:

    I have a GMC Acadia which I love and it has a 3rd row. The 3rd row is not comfortable for adults to ride in especially on long trips. With the 3rd row in use, you have limited storage. Go for the mini van and embrace this time in your life. I suggest the Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey. I have heard the best comments on thise.

  • Una says:

    I like mini vans!

  • Christina Gould says:

    If you want to keep your car for ten years, it’s vital that you don’t ride in newer vehicles, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lynne B says:

    I can see the attraction of a minivan but I would never buy one. We also had a 3-row SUV. There are pros and cons to each, I guess.



  • Kelly says:

    I love minivans. I know they are not the “coolest” vehicle, but they are so practical. They fit a ton of people, a ton of stuff, and I can walk around to the back. That comes in handy for my family. Especially awesome for pets.

  • Terry Poage says:

    I think Minivans are great especially if you have kids or go on long car trips.

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I think having this room with a large family is awesome. I know when I am with my family I love it when we can all go in one vehicle. I am with you on the cost of vehicles. They can be a great expense. I just need something that is going to meet our needs. Thank you so much for sharing

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