Who knew saying goodbye to this would make me so emotional!

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When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer six years ago, something clicked in my head and my heart. Oh em gee…I get a second chance at life! Talk about feeling emotional! I was so grateful for that and I wanted my life to be different. I wanted to only surround myself with things, people or experiences that brought me joy. One of the things I said to my hubster during that time was, “I want a scooter!” Of course I’m sure he thought that was just the crazy Breast Cancer diagnosis talking, but he surprised me anyway with a half day scooter rental date. I should mention I had actually never even been on a scooter up until that point. But I got on and we drove all over the city and it was awwwwwesome! I was hooked! 

So we broke out the credit card and bought two scooters! A pink one for me and a black one for him. It was totally spontaneous and I was owning the whole YOLO thing although I don’t evenscooter 7 think the word YOLO existed at that point six years ago. lol  But I had Cancer and I felt crazy. Crazy awesome! Crazy optimistic about living life and finding joy. So I rode that pink scooter with the matching pink helmet AND matching pink sunglasses and I loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT! I even rode it to work at the crack of dawn when I used to host a morning radio show. My husband and I did dinner dates, drove to friends’ houses, drove for no reason…we seriously rode them all.of.the.time.

And then I got pregnant with my just turned four year old daughter. Probably not the best idea to ride a scooter pregnant so off they went into the garage. About a year ago, my hubster broke out the hadn’t-been-driven-in-years-scooters and got them going and off we went on a scooter date. I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first. It had been years since we were on the scooters but once we were out…mannnnn, driving around in the country where we live now…it was incredible. The fresh air, the smell of cut grass, even the smell of cows we passed…it was all just intoxicating. I felt so high on life that I thought I could literally reach up and high-five God in that moment to say thank you for giving me the gift of being a Survivor! Cue the emotional tears! I think it was also because I knew deep down inside that it was the last time I would ride that scooter and I was right. My husband and I made the decision to sell our scooters. It was just time. So recently, a sweet couple with no kids came and bought my pink scooter because the husband had one already. I told her how much joy it brought me and how I hoped the same for her. I was surprised at how emotional I was when I walked back into our house. I realized it wasn’t about the scooter though, it was remembering that I have overcome something. Something big. I didn’t need the scooter anymore because I’m alive! Alive and trying to live a big and joyful life and THAT brings me happiness!

Now it’s now time for someone else to have that pink scooter and get their happy on!

XO Surviving Mommy



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  • Stacy says:

    I love you, your bravery and your story!!!! Here’/ to new adventures in this crazy ride called life!

  • Wendy Nagel says:

    Cindy. That story made me cry. You are a true inspiration in every way

  • Josie Long says:

    I bawled my eyes out, reading this! Cindy, you’re an outstanding woman, that makes everyone smile, no matter day it is, and no matter what situation anyone is in!!! You’re a SURVIVOR, and a Super woman to us all!!!

  • Deanna Costley says:

    Your such an awesome Lady I’m glad you shared your journey with us.i remember that morning you told everyone about your breast cancer.i cried and said s prayer for you and your family.. listening to you on the radio all those years and now on Facebook.you seem like family. I just love all your craziness..lol… God bless you… keep up the good life.

  • Taylor says:

    What a fabulous story! It’s not about the stuff, about all the memories. So glad you are living life to the fullest!

  • Ashley Davis says:

    So that totally just made me cry! Love to hear your stories f living life to the fullest!

  • Alex says:

    What a beautiful story! I love you Cindy!

  • Denise says:

    Been a fan of yours for years and love this blog. After surviving ovarian cancer in 2009 and breast cancer in 2013, I bought a Mercedes convertible. It is a 2001 with less than 50k. Sweet drive up in the mountains this past weekend! But you’re right, it is not about the stuff but the joy you have in your life (but the car sure helps!). 💗💕💗

  • Stephanie says:

    I had a grandmother that survived ovarian cancer for three years. She got a chance to meet a couple more of her great grandchildren. But I still miss that tough old bird.
    I’m glad you are happy and healthy.

  • Lynne Chambers says:

    Cute story! I love your positive faithful attitude! You keep on trucking and I have a feeling you’ll keep on trying fun new things!

  • Terry Poage says:

    What a fabulous story! It’s a great thing to realize you don’t need stuff to make you happy.

  • Kelly says:

    Great story. It is crazy how much “value” we place on things. I think when you have Cancer, and certainly when you survive that things that remind you of those moments can have all sorts of emotions. I freak out everytime my doctor calls. She called once a month to tell me my blood levels. It is no big deal. But each time I panic. Reactions don’t always make sense. But that is part of the human condition.

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I love this story. We all need to enjoy each minute of every day. God says we are just walking through this earth. He will never leave us nor forsake us. I am so thankful to have Him in my life. God Bless you and your family

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