Why are we so afraid to talk to each other?

communicationI’ve noticed lately and really it’s been the last however many years that texting, emailing and being behind a computer has taken over our lives, that we sure don’t like to “talk” to each other anymore. I talk for a living. Whether it’s on the radio, hosting an event or I’m giving a Breast Cancer speech…clearly, I have no problem talking. lol But, I will admit, sometimes it is just easier to have quick conversations via text message or email.  Unfortunately, I have also noticed that when there are tough conversations, people now have a tendency to take to writing emails instead of talking. When people feel upset about a situation, they post passive-aggressive posts on social media, ya know…secretly (or not-so-secretly) hoping that the person it is directed to or someone that person knows, will see their posts.  I have even watched people in romantic relationships have super important conversations allllll through text messages.

The other day I was talking to a girlfriend and she told me her middle school son was texting with a girl that he has a crush on. Now, they’ve been texting for a while but when his mom asked him certain questions about the girl’s interests, he had no idea. He knew nothing about her because they barely speak in communicate3person…it’s always via text. Another friend is having full on important family conversations via email. Conversations that should happen face-to-face. Another friend was even having job discussions with a potential employer via text message.

Maybe it’s just me, but it kind of scares me that this is what we are turning into…a society/generation that doesn’t communicate unless it’s through technology…behind a screen. It makes me sad. I jokingly said to a girlfriend, “maybe our kids will grow up to be so annoyed by this whole technology thing that they will revert to being “old-fashioned” and wanting to “kick it old school” and talk on the phone again. Talk in person again. Go on dates and get to know each other.” Wow…wouldn’t that be great?! We both laughed.

What do you think? Are our relationships doomed? Are our kids doomed?

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • Megan Hoffman says:

    I agree and have noticed if i feel lonely and want to connect with a friend i will message or text and fill it with sarcasm and humor to avoid exposung myself to much. I do it in person as well…but there is something about looking someone in the eyes…you, especially woman i feel have an intuition and can tell if someone is hurting or insecure etc. Over text all you see is writing on your “walls”

  • Marie says:

    Yes I have noticed it too and I have become a little anti-social about it. I took Facebook/twitter off of my phone so I am not tempted to post or tweet during the day. I wouldn’t even have accounts in SM if it weren’t for my job that requires testing things in FB and twitter! LOL! When I go out to eat with someone I make sure to put my phone away. I want to talk with the person and not chat to some faceless person online.

    Just the other day, I was eating lunch at the Swan house with my mom and I did pull out my phone but it was to google what ingredients were in a specific dressing to make sure my mom could eat it – she has a lot of allergies. That is when the phone is a life saver. But then I put it back in my pocket and forgot about it.

    I do vent on FB ever so often because it lets me “get over” the small things that bug me. But it is never about someone I know – it is usually about traffic or something stupid that happened at work. I have been at the tail end of receiving a hateful/accusing email/post and I NEVER want to do that to someone else. It is like a gut punch when you were not expecting it. And it is out there for everyone to see which makes it even worse. I consider those people to be cowards. They KNOW that they shouldn’t be doing this and they would be too embarrassed to call you or meet in person.

    Online is just so impersonal! People can take things the wrong way when it might have been sarcastic or a funny joke. In person, it is easier to tell when something is a joke and you can actually LAUGH OUT LOUD at things.

    Kids these days do not realize that there are consequences to what they say online. It is there forever so if you say something mean, you really can’t take it back. Or if you complain about your boss or say something controversial, you can lose your job. Nothing is private online. I don’t think our kids are doomed if parents actually start to parent and show the kids that social media is a tool that should be used sparely and with great thought before posting/tweeting.

    It is pretty ironic that I am in this industry! LOL!

  • Tobin says:

    I’m terrified that my children will become addicted to their screens. My hubby is someone who spends at least 50% of his day starring at a screen- We rarely “talk”. In fact sometimes at night when he’s downstairs watching tv (on his computer) and I’m upstairs surfing Pinterest, he will text me. I’m embarrassed admitting this.

  • Ashley Davis says:

    It is a love/hate thing for me. I love being able to text friends and check in with them and know it can be quick via text. Sometimes I don’t have time for a full conversation…I love to talk also, but sometimes all I have is a minute to check in and say hi!

    My son better not just text girls in a few years, he should at least FaceTime them! lol


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