Why I kinda don’t LOOOOVE Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

pink1WhAAAAAt? I am a Breast Cancer Survivor and I don’t LOVE Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Let me be clear. I AM A SURVIVOR! I am healthy and most importantly I AM ALIVE. I am so grateful every single day I get to be alive too. I am NOT exaggerating either. I am grateful that I still get to be a wife, a mommy, a daughter, an auntie, and a friend. Thank you God for letting me be alive!!! But lemme go back a bit. Over five years ago, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. For about two years after that, Breast Cancer was a MAJOR part of my life. It was there physically and mentally. Then it was like it was gone and nobody really talked about it again. Until, October that is. I am pretty sure everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month by now, right? It’s not like you can miss it. There are Pepto Bismol pink PINK@displays EVERRRRRRYWHERE. There are runs, walks, dances, breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, galas, parties, shopping sales to benefit it, TV commercials, drink specials, t-shirts, shoelaces, hats, wine tumblers…I think you get my drift. While I truly do appreciate ALL of that because we need to raise money and we need to raise awareness, I wish it wasn’t just one month. Why? Because I have to live with it everyday. My mom lives with it everyday. Friends I know who LOST people BECAUSE of Breast Cancer have to live with it everyday.

So I guess what I am saying is while I am super SUPER glad that we have a whole month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, it would be great if we could also remember that Breast Cancer Survivors aren’t only aware that we had Breast Cancer just this month. Any Cancer Survivor really. We are aware every single day and will be aware every single day for the rest of our lives.

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • Ashley Davis says:

    I am so thankful you are a survivor!!! Everyday is a better day because of you!!! Xoxo

  • Josie Long says:

    Cindy, you’re an outstanding, spunky, beautiful, and intelligent women! I’m beyond thankful, and blessed that you’re a Breast Cancer SURVIVER!! #Kickedcancersbutt #Youareasoldier!

  • Kim Kozeny says:

    I totally agree with you Cindy, I do the Atl 2 Day walk every year & infact I met you at the one you spoke at😊. I fundraise all year and love pink but it was a little strange for me last week when the huge pink flood of companies advertising all their pink specials for breast cancer awareness month. I actually rolled my eyes. It is good because it makes people aware but we have to be aware & searching for a cure all year long not just for 1 month.
    I’m so proud of you & so happy for ya 💖🎀😊. Love ya !!!

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