Why I totally sucked at parenting last night!

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Usually I think I am a pretty decent mom. Last night, however, was not one of my finest parenting moments. Let me explain…

I was super sickies in the beginning of the week and you know how at the tail end of your sickness, you are soooo EXHAUSTED. Well, I thought surely, I am so tired I will pass out when I go to sleep. Nope. Insomnia set in. If you suffer from insomnia, bad sleeping etc, you knooooow it is NOT fun! I went to bed at 930. Didn’t fall asleep until 1230am. At 4am, my 2yo started screaming for us to come into the room. Eric beat me to it and I can hear him say…’Well, honey what happened?!” She had an accident in the bed. And I mean alllll over the bed. Bumper and all.

Well…while she was in the bathroom with Daddy, I stripped the bed HUFFING AND PUFFING for all to hear. Threw everything in the laundry room. Or should I say KICKED everything into the laundry room. Sheets, bumper, mattress pad etc. All the while she is singing and laughing happy and awake like it’s the middle of the day. I had a scowl on my face and was on the edge of tears. We put her down and I walked back into our bedroom and start sobbing. And not just a loud sobbing, a loud sobbing while yelling, I AM SO TIRED, I AM JUST SO TIRED.

Then our nine year old daughter walked in and said, “Mommy, Mommy, are you ok?Grumpy face kid What’s wrong?” Ugh! I felt like such a jerk. I woke her up too. So I gently explained that
Mommy was VERY VERY tired and was possibly being a little dramatic. lol

My punishment? I couldn’t go back to sleep. lol I stayed up from 430 am working on those three and a half hours asleep. Sigh. God probably wanted me to think about what I had done. lol This is truly why I call my blog Surviving Mommy.

I have been to a sleep study and tried many different sleep aids but am always open to new suggestions. Any good recommendations for some good solid sleep?

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • Amber D Fite says:

    That’s it??? I thought it was going to be something really bad Cindy, lol! We have all been there!

  • Ashleigh George says:

    Have you looked into essential oils? Lavender in a diffuser might help, or rubbed on your wrists or neck so you smell it while sleeping.

  • Melanie Allgood Hygema says:

    Been there and it stinks.
    Dr. Kim lives in the neighborhood and I heard from another mother he cured her insomnia that she had ever since the kids were born. Worth a conversation perhaps. http://www.georgiaintegrativemedicine.com/

  • KimFitz says:

    First off, you are an amazing mother! Being sick and tired will always get the best of us, usually mix in hungry and I turn in to a beast.

    1. I agree with Ashleigh, try essential oils or even a “sleep spray” that you can spritz on your pillows and sheets.
    2. Also, try night time Yoga. Stretching your body and calming the brain really help me to shut down properly.
    3. Talking to God helps me too. Just counting simple blessing (not sheep lol) and/or handing Him any worries that are keeping me awake.

    You’re amazing, get some rest and feel better soon <3

  • Michele Freeman says:

    We all go through those times so you are not alone! I haven’t been able to sleep for years! I have been on every medicine and still I wake up every hour. I just want a solid night sleep! I don’t even have small children! Just me and the animals. I have discovered recently that one of my problems is the M word. Do you know what that is? I’ll give you a clue… Hot flashes! Menopause!!! Ugg! I have hot flashes not only all night but all day! Covers on, covers off. Fan on, fan off. Clothes on, well you get the idea. I’m miserable and I work at an elementary school so I have to suck it up an do what I need to so I can get home and get in bed. It has also caused me to have no energy whatsoever! I just called my Dr and hopefully there is a magic pill I can take. I totally understand how you feel. Like I said, those of us who have been there know! Don’t beat yourself up about it. This too shall pass!

  • Alica Dupre says:

    Young Living oils have helped me sleep soundly. I put lavender & stress away in my difusser before bed and it works!! Plus adding to my bed time routine I use Lavender on my feet! For the first time in a long time I am able to get GOOD solid rest!!

  • Karyn Lisk says:

    YES YES YES Young living oils! Yo know I was a massage therapist for 25 plus years. Know everything alternative and the oils are AMAZING. It’s crazy too how you can change your life not just your sleep. When I read “your screaming,” I laughed (sorry) and said this girl needs some joy! YES and oil that is called joy. They also have a gentle baby line that you can use on the kiddo’s! I mentioned last week you needed Thieves for your sickness! I can hook you up! I can also do a little Make a craft party for some of you and your friends! You know my e-mail!! In any case this post reminded me of a moment where my 3 year old (now 23) told me , “mommy you need a time out”!

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