Why sleepovers are scarier to my husband than dating Taylor Swift!


I have never been a fan of having our babies sleep in the bed with us. For anyone else…you do you. But for me…I never sleep well and the younger they are, I find the more I stress about them falling out of bed as much as I worry about them nailing me in the face with a foot or elbow. On top of that, I suck at sleeping. For real. I suck at it. It has been this way for years and it comes in waves. Sometimes I can go to bed every night and stay asleep perfectly with no problem and then sometimes it will be four nights in a row of weird insomnia. My sleep sucks so much I even did one of those sleep studies. All I really learned is that I woke up ALOT. Ummm…I kind of already knew that. lol

HOWEVER despite my sucky sleeping, I, on occasion, will let our nine year old have a sleepover with us. I am talkingsleep2 once a month, IF that. My hubster…not so much a fan. He is super family awesome husband guy, but he no likey the sleepovers! He realllllly likes his sleep too and he sleeps terribly as well if she sleeps over. My argument is that she is NINE…this is going to end soon and she will not WANT to sleep over and if I am being 100% honest, that…will make my sad. So secretly, (or not so secretly now) I want her to sleep over as much as she can before it ends. Ugh. I am such a wuss, right? My justification is that it is SO infrequent that it’s just like a special treat so I will suffer through the rocky night of sleep and so should he. But his thought is…N to the O. So he wants to end all sleepovers. Thunderstorm sleepovers included. No more Sound of Music in our house!

So I told him I was gonna take to my blog and find out your thoughts. Do you currently let your kid(s) sleepover in your bed? Is there an age cut off? Or are you just altogether a non sleepover in your house kind of person. I told my Hubster I would report back to him once the findings were in so please comment below so that I may collect my research. lol


XO Surviving Mommy


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  • ashli says:

    My daughter was always a co- sleeper. I really didn’t have a stance on it before I had her and I never planned on her sleeping with us, it just kind of happened. Fast forward to when she was around 2. We tried to get her in her own bed and it took us over a year to get her to sleep in it. Even then she wouldn’t sleep in it all night, she would get in our bed around 5 in the morning. Now she is almost 5 and we are just now getting her to sleep in her own room! Even to this day she wakes up and gets in bed with us. Since we have had so much trouble with her my son has never slept in the bed with us, he is 9 months old now.

  • Michele says:

    I have always loved having my children sleep with me. Not when they were very young though. I still want my daughter who is 24 to sleep with me when she comes to visit, which she usually does not. It’s a special time as they get older. Like a bonding time for me. We will watch a movie then fall asleep. I miss my baby years I had with them and you can never get them back so I say enjoy as many of those moments as you can!

  • Ashley Davis says:

    Wyatt sleeps with us on Friday nights. We call it movie night. We all watch something together on tv and then go to sleep. I typically end up in the guest bed! I’m with you, I need my sleep and don’t sleep well with either of the kids in the bed. Maybe Eric stays in the bed until Lily falls asleep and then he sleeps in her bed! =)

  • Ashleigh George says:

    I was so adamant that my son sleep in his crib from very early on that now he can’t sleep with us lol. I try to get him to go back to bed with me if he wakes up and he will snuggle for a few minutes and then wants right out. I feel your husband’s pain as far as not sleeping but from a Mom’s perspective I’m with you that these moments go so fast so take every cuddle you can get 🙂

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