You can leave your hat on…

lunahat2Literally. My year and half year old would wear hats allllll day long if she could. I have always loved hats and she is definitely her Momma’s daughter. There could be a million different things to play with in my closet but she always goes straight for the hats. It makes me giggle cus she always kinda shoots me this under the hat look with her eyes.  I think I might take all of these hat pictures and do some sort of shutterfly collage to hang on the wall.

Are your kids obsessed with anything of yours right now?

xo Surviving Mommy Lunahat1_fotor


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  • Olivine Eyes says:

    I can’t think of anything because I don’t have a time machine. My hats won’t be a thing my children would obsess over because I rarely wear one. I love that photo!

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