Confession time: I read my daughter’s diary and it made me cry.


Ok let’s be honest…she is only nine year’s old, what can she really say right?! But the point is, I read it. I admit it. I own it and I am 100% ok with it. My hubster on the other hand wanted no part of it. He felt like it was an invasion of her privacy and I said…she is nine…she doesn’t get any privacy. lol

Truthfully, I didn’t go searching for it. She was writing in her diary while the fam was piled in our bed snuggling before bedtime and she left it on my nightstand. Before I went to bed, I took a little peeksie. Mostly to check myself and make sure I was in tune with my daughter and what is in her head. We have a pretty great relationship but I wasn’t born yesterday. I had a pretty great relationship with my mom but I am sure I didn’t tell her everything. If you are reading this Momma Jane, sorry! lol

So what did I find? Something that made me cry. First, she had a post in there about a boy she liked at her old school. I am pretty sure it was a boy named Hudson of whom I approved! 😉 And then she had some generic “I had a bad day” entries where she even hashtagged the days #EpicFail which made me seriously laugh out loud. But the part that made me cry was one of her entries was about me. She wrote it like she was writing it TO me. She wrote how much she loved me and how I am the best mom in the world. Sigh. Maybe she knew someday I would snoop…maybe she didn’t, but cue the tears…it made me melt. I felt happy and guilty all of the time. My hubster on the other hand thought I was making it all up. ha! So while I won’t make snooping through her diary a habit, I am her mother and I will always make sure I am in tune with her.

What about you mommas (and poppas)…would you read your daughter’s diary? Have you?

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • ANTHONY says:


  • Michele Freeman says:

    I have never read my daughters diary who is now 24 but I did “accidentally ” find letters and texts on her phone. These were things that I definitely needed to know about. I did confront her and it was a good thing because she knew I had her best interest at heart. I also reminded her that I payed the phone bill and that I could get her texts anytime I felt necessary. There was never any instances after that. Of course when they are younger they keep their phones locked. She doesn’t anymore. No secrets to hide now that she is grown! If you suspect your teenager is doing something wrong you have every rite as a parent to “snoop”. That’s my thoughts.

  • sassypiehole says:

    So sweet. I bet she’d let you read it if you asked anyway. That sounds like an entry my daughter would have in hers if she actually kept up with it. xoxo I would have done the same. 😉

  • Lea Ann Hurd says:

    Yup and I now check her text messages on her smart phone as well have begun to dig deeper as she enters her teen years on keeping very watchful eyes on things as I did my son who also was an AMAZING kid but still every few weeks mom went into his room to perform “the search” for anything that was a red flag. Bottom line…good kids make bad choices sometimes…It is our job to protect them at all cost. Snooping involved. The rules in this house, until you are out of it and on your own…your will be watched over….because that is what we parents who madly love our children do. We protect them from anything, no matter how we have to do it. Thus said, I am etremely grateful these searched have not turned up anything and my kids have always been extremely comfortable at keeping me in their ‘loop”. First rule always…I am your mother and will do what is best for you. 🙂 Snoop away but remember it is completely out of love 😉

  • Sandra Griffin Boyett says:

    Unfortunately I did. My daughter was a high school student at the time. I did not read it all, just one page was more than I ever wanted to know. I don’t regret it. I just tried to guide her in a better direction. I thank God that no reference was made to drugs and to this day she hates them because she has seen what they do to some of the people she loves or loved at one time. I pray for a beautiful and productive Tuesday for all!

  • Marie Castine says:

    My son doesn’t have a diary yet (only 2.5! LOL! ) but when i was a teenager, my mom did go through my diary. She went (on purpose) to my room, found it, read it and then wanted me to apologize for what I wrote about her. I found that completely wrong and still to this day do not like it. She has since apologized for doing it. I had not given her any reason to go through my items and she knew that I was a really private person with trust issues (i was adopted at 6). It hurt our relationship for a really long time. We are better now.

    So I could never do that to my kids unless their personality had changed so much that I suspect drugs, etc. But I HOPE that I can have an open and trusting relationship with my kids so they know they could tell me anything.

    Text messages…different story! LOL! I would sooo look at those. They are not private and anything said can and should have consequences.

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