I bought this for my 3yo daughter and then cried like a baby.

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Every parent has that moment. The moment when you realize your little baby isn’t a baby anymore. I’ve had it so times with my oldest daughter Lily I think they’ve become a blur, lol. But recently, the first “moment” happened with my three year old daughter Luna, except when it happened with her, I cried like a baby. Literally. I’m thinking it’s because I know this is the last “baby” we will have in our house. Waaaaaa. Yep, just typing that makes me cry.
File May 01, 8 22 39 PMFor the last three years, Luna has slept in her crib. Obviously. We bought one of those convertible crib things so her crib went from a crib to a toddler bed. Then we decided it was time to graduate her to a “big girl bed” and while I thought I would be ok with it since I was perfectly fine when we did it with her sister, nothing prepared me for how emotional I actually was about it. Sigh. We ordered a sweet old-fashioned bed because her crib was also old-fashioned. I picked out some cute twin bedding and some sheets, like all of a sudden I am an interior decorator. lol I was actually excited when I was getting the bed all ready for her and then she got in it and I totally fell apart. She looks so so tiny. Instantly, I wanted to put the crib back together and throw the twin bed out the window.

I am sure I will get used to it at some point, but I kinda don’t want to. I don’t want her to grow up. Either of them. Big girl talks with her older sister, big girl beds with her. I hate it all. Waaaaaaa. Ok, so I don’t hate it, I just don’t like it. So there. Full honesty. I’m a pansy Mommy. I’m an emotional sap. Please tell me I’m not alone though…that there are other pansy parents out there! 🙂

Lord help me when they go to college.

XO Surviving Mommy



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  • Michele says:

    I think every mommy goes through this. There are so many milestones with children and growing up. This will not be the last time you will have to go through this unfortunately. Examples: when they start their monthly present, first school dance, drivers permit, license, first date, prom, then wedding, grandchildren, etc. so many things will happen that will make you cry simply because your baby is growing up. I found it harder with my daughter than my son. I didn’t worry about him as much as he got older compared to my daughter. You will have a lot more firsts ahead but cherish everyone of them. It’s the circle of life. God Bless you and I pray for your strength as you go through those milestones with your girls.

  • Ashley Davis says:

    Our babies are getting so big! Great job on the decorating! You did great! Xoxo

  • ANTHONY says:


  • April says:

    My little girl turned 4 in March. I held her the night before and wispered, “I’m going to miss 3 year old Abbie” as I sobbed. It’s hard watching them grow up, but fun at the same time.

  • Crystal Casey says:

    I had to switch to adult hangers the other day and grieved for days!

  • Olivine Eyes says:

    At least you know you are doing a good job parenting your kids. Luna’s room looks stylish, by the way.

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