Last night was an Epic #MomFail.

File Feb 02, 3 58 56 PMLast night I had an epic #MomFail. So that I can not be SOOOOO embarrassed when I tell you what happened, I feel like I should qualify where my brain is right now. Maybe explaining to you where my head is will somehow justify my behavior. (Probably not) Or maybe explaining it to you will garner some sympathy and understanding as to why I acted like I did last night or maybe I am just trying to not to burst into tears while I write this for feeling like Mommy was a total jerk last night.

Let me back up. In the course of the last week, I found out that my mom is going to have to have a little heart surgery, one of my best friends was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (see last post) and one of my other best friends was hospitalized where she remains trying to get better. I, being in a totally different state as her feel completely helpless and my heart just aches all over. And Mommy is super sleep-deprived. Not a good combination.

So what happened last night? Well after a day of pee accidents and poo accidents with the new puppy and then him deciding to snack on said poo accident, not to mention the attempt of eating of all File Feb 02, 3 40 40 PMof my youngest daughter’s toys and chalk…it was just a long day. If you have children, you know they make noise. If you have girls, you know they make a sound that would call dogs from 87 miles away. Last night both of my girls were in full crazy scream mode. After calmly correcting them twice and trying the whole “scream-free parenting” thing, I marched up the stairs, found the yellow bathroom stool in the hallway (why was it there anyway?), picked it up and slammed it against the wall about three times to get their attention. Then in some sort of very loud demonic voice I didn’t know I had in me yelled, “THAT IS ITTTTTTTTTT! NO MOOOOOORE, GET IN BED NOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!” They both sat there stunned, trembling with fear as a big chunk of the yellow bathroom stool went flying onto the floor. We did talk about it later and I also apologized. So did they. I just felt like I kinda sucked at life! 🙁

It was not one of my finest moments. The last time I remember having one of these not so fine moments was almost two years ago. Well, at least one that I remember writing about. Ha! In all honesty, I’m sure they happen plenty. Not to that degree of course. I don’t walk around slamming yellow plastic stools into the wall or screaming like the devil usually, but I have plenty of moments where I have failed. Motherhood is hard and I’m not perfect. That’s one of the many reasons I created Surviving Mommy, because I know if I’m going through it, someone else has to be going through it too. We can’t do this alone. Parenting is a journey and we all need to stick together. Can I get an Amen?!

XO Surviving Mommy


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  • Stacy says:

    My kids are older and I think I have those moments weekly, at least! Sometimes the kids “hear” you and sometimes they don’t and when they don’t sometimes your voice gets louder than theirs and the rubber band just snaps. We’ve all been there. I joke with my kids that I’m giving them stories to tell their own kids!

  • Bruce Meadows says:

    Eh… you’re cool.

    How’s the wall?

  • April says:

    Oh my!!! Sounds like me!. I have had a stressful two weeks myself and I have had it. I am holding on and feel like I am barely surviving. But we will survive. I had a couple blow ups today and i hate it. I ahve not been the mommy I am supposed to be at all. Love you girlie!!!

  • Alicia says:

    It’s ok – just tell yourself that as many times as you need to! God didn’t design us as perfect. The biggest reason for that is so that the imperfections make us appreciate everything that does go the right way so much more!!!! Give the puppy crushed ice to chew on – it should help with the chewing everything in sight (they teeth just like humans do and the crushed ice will help relieve the teething pain not to mention temporarily numb the gums). Your daughters love you – not the perfect person you want to be, they love the real you … all of your perfectness, your love, your hugs, your existence in their lives, your willingness to try to be the best you can be, they love all of you – even the imperfections! And how can they not grow up never learning that sometimes we grown-ups do have small melt downs – lol! It’s really not all that bad …. just remember, God made you to be you and no one else. He knows the story you are paving in your life – don’t second guess that 🙂 We all love you too!!

  • I’m sure it’s happened to many moms out there… my guess is that the screams was the tipping point since there’s so much in your mind at that time. I quote Bette Davis, ““If you have never been hated by your child, you have never been a parent.”

  • Josie Long says:


  • Ashley Davis says:

    Totally doing a study on the armor of God right now. This is so the area of my life where the devil comes out! I lose my temper too often. I am so thankful for your honesty! We are all human!

  • Angie says:

    Every mom has had a “not so proud” moment. The key is you recognized it and apologized. They will forgive you! As far as the puppy…. Are you crate training? It’s a MUST!!!! If not, google it or get a book. If you need a crate, I have several and am happy to lend one to you.

  • Alicia Kleh says:

    Thank you for your transparency because we have ALL been there!! Thank you Lord for grace and every day is a new start😊 Also give yourself grace.. You had a rough couple of weeks xo

  • Coach karyn says:

    I was at that point once (well more than once,) but this one time my daughter told me I was out of control and needed to go to time out. Ha. I said you are right and put myself in my bedroom while she cried outside my door saying she was sorry! Yep she’s 24 now and it’s a story we tell and laugh about often! Prayers for your mom and dear friends!

  • Amen! Cindy as mom’s we all have those moments. They are good teaching moments for our kids. We all learn from them. The important thing is that you talked about it with them and apologized. I hope they in return realized their part and apologized to you. Take a deep breath and you are an amazing mom dong it right!

  • Michele says:

    First of all, you are human. Secondly, anyone who is a mother totally understands. We have all had those moments and even though your kids may not have done anything wrong there are times when we as mommys loose it. We have a lot on our plates and some times we accidentally let it out in ways that we are not proud of. We all know how much you love your girls and they know it as well. You just had a moment and today is a new day. I’m sure you feel bad for doing it but you got it out and other than some feelings getting hurt, no one was physically hurt. Words and actions can hurt but like I said, you are human. It’s all part of being a mommy. Don’t beat yourself up about it. You said you were sorry and I’m sure your girls are fine because they know you love them and they love you. Hope today is better. God Bless

  • Kristin says:

    I have has the same moments with my daughter and then I feel terrible. We do talk about and I apologize. I ask for forgiveness from her and God. We are human and we want to be the best parents to our children, but melt downs happen. I pray for patience every day.

  • Sandra Boyett says:

    I hold on tight and cherish those learning moments. For one day way too soon you will bat your eyes and have two very beautiful successful young ladies and my dear friend you are a huge part of what they will become. I am very fortunate that I have raised (let me ititerate “I”) two WONDERFUL children as well as five WONDERFUL grandchildren. For a couple of years now I have been in poor health and Amanda has stepped up to the plate to take care of me as does Bre. Bre takes me to most of my doctor appointments because my grandson, Cole, is doing online high school and she needs to be here with him. He has tried it and has decided to go back to school for his Senior year. I have some much to be thankful for and I am trully blessed, however, we have to have a minor break down now and again to remind us of what good mommies we really are. You are ABSOLUTELY amazing!

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