Look…apparently, I have Angry Resting Face!

ANGRYWhen I was younger, I remember my mom picking me up one day after school and asking me what was wrong? I said, “nothing, why?” She said that my face looked mad as if something had ANGRY1happened at school. It hadn’t. I thought hmmm…that’s weird, I was in a perfectly good mood. Recently, I was searching through pictures from my childhood and it hit me…oh my goodness, I think I have Angry Resting Face. There were TONS of pictures of me as a little girl with this cranky look on my face! ha ha I know if you ANGRY2have ever heard this term, angry is usually replaced with the B word but since I don’t curse on my blog, we’re going with the word angry instead. I mean the Today Show even did a whole story on BRF!

Apparently ARF continued into my adulthood. A few years ago while at a charity event raising money for sick and injured kids at a Children’s Hospital, an internet reporter took a picture of me. He even labeled it something like “Cindy’s ugly face” in his article. I laughed so hard when a co-worker sent it to me because A. Come on look at this picture, it IS awesomely angry and B. Why wasn’t he focusing on the sick kids instead of demeaning me? But anyway, look at my face in the picture above and all of these childhood pictures…ANGRY RESTING FACE. It’s especially funny to me because I am such a genuinely happy person and anyone who knows me, knows this. Apparently though, when not smiling, I look like such a cranky girl! Judging from these pictures, I am gonna have to work on this!

Am I alone? I need to know, does anyone else have Angry Resting Face? 🙂

XO Surviving Mommy



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  • Cindy says:

    I can relate! I have had more than one person ask if I’m okay or say something like “you looked mad”. I guess my “normal” face is just unhappy looking even though I am content. Frequently I’m thinking through things or focusing on a task, which apparently translates to unfriendly/unhappy face. I am who I am. Those who know and love me know I’m okay.

  • Christy says:

    Hey Cindy,

    Yep! I have that too! My hubby asks me all the time why I’m mad. I even had my hubby’s boss ask me one day “What’s the matter with you?” I was just sitting in the car lost in my own mind & didn’t realize my face was “angry”.

  • Ashley Davis says:

    You are even beautiful when looking “angry”! lol
    You are so far from being a “b” that it is kind of funny to think about!
    Love you!

  • Teresa Kick says:

    I have had people always telling me to “smile” like I was in a bad mood, but I wasn’t! I just don’t have as I call it a Jacka$$ smile on my face all the time. Not in a bad mood until somebody’s says SMILE, ugh.

  • Taylor says:

    That’s me too! It’s getting worse as I get older because I love to sleep on my side. I really am happy and fine. Promise! 😊

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