Meh. This is exactly how I feel today.

When I write, I always write from the heart. Truthfully, it usually comes pretty easy to me too but today…not so much. I am struggling. I am so not focused. I am just not in the mood.File Aug 29, 6 54 25 PM

The day started off just as any normal day. Since my three year old daughter started school a couple of weeks ago, she has decided she wants to get up every morning around 5am which yahhhh, does NOT work for me. So usually I tell her to go back to bed. She does and so do I. Yay! NOT TODAY! She asked me every five minutes if it was time to get up. She was hungry. She needed water. Was it time now? She isn’t normally like this so early in the morning and since my hubster was already at work, I wasn’t about to get up to go into her room because my getting out of bed these days is like an ORDEAL. I gotta hike myself out of the bed and hop to the wheelchair and roll myself over to her room and then roll back and hop back into bed. Yep. Just didn’t feel like doing it. So today, I yelled for her to come climb into bed with me which turned out to be really nice. I love those moments.

File Aug 29, 6 59 07 PMThen my alarm went off and my oldest daughter got up. Boy was she craaaabbbbbbby! It’s like as soon as she turned 11 last month, the emotional moody stuff started. Wow. I wish someone would have warned me about this pre-teen/tween hormonal change thing because it has hit like a bomb in our house. lol So as I scooted around the kitchen on my knee scooter getting the girls ready for school singing and giggling because I was NOT letting my 11 year old bring me down. I thought…it’s gonna be a good day dang it because I’m singing and scooter dancing and it did work cus off they happily went to school. I even had a really nice chat with a neighbor. I repeat. It’s gonna be a good day!

I went off to run errands with my Momma Jane. I needed a few small things from The Walmart. Yep, that’s what I say. Just like I say The Target and The Kroger because I live in the South now and I’m allowed. Plus it’s fun. I just needed a few small things for our Disney trip this weekend and mom wanted to pick up a wedding gift for one of my besties who is getting married in a few months. Well, you should have seen us out. Like Hans and Franz. Frick and Frack as my mom says. lol Mom wasn’t feeling great and her not feeling great means she takes a few steps and is exhausted. Darn you congestive heart failure. Then there’s me. I’m crutching around like a cartoon character, running into things. So we got to the third store and we were, put a fork in us, done. DONE! So nothing says done like a stop at The Starbucks on the way home to replenish two exhausted ladies, right?! Mom came out of The Starbucks though and said it was a new girl who was in training and every part of our order was wrong so just be prepared. We laughed and said #FirstWorldProblems, drank our coffee and headed home. Did I mention the tailgater we had the entire country roads ride home? Oy.

I got home and got out of the car and fell. Again. For those of you keeping track, that’s the FOURTH time I’ve fallen in the three weeks that I’ve had a cast on my broken foot. Two off the knee scooter and two off the crutches. I’m so used to falling that this one didn’t even faze me. At all. You just have to laugh. PS. Maybe I should stop scooter dancing!File Aug 29, 6 55 35 PM

The highlight of my day? A knock at my door and sweet neighbors dropping off a homemade pound bundt cake. Yes! I think this calls for pound cake and Prosecco for dinner people!

File Aug 29, 6 53 39 PMSo there ya go. That’s all I have for you today. I feel like this is pretty weak but this is me keeping it real. It can only go up from here. Disney is in four days. 😉

XO Surviving Mommy



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  • Tami says:

    Ummmm…Cindy. You guys soooooo need this WDW vacay! At least your sense of humor is still intact.

  • Taylor says:

    Soooo sorry you fell again! Ugh! Way to go trying so hard to have a great attitude! 💪❤️😘🍾

  • Natalie says:

    Have fun Cindy in disney

  • Michele says:

    Be careful! When I fell the first week of breaking my foot I broke the bone that was put back together and had to have a second surgery that was worse than the first! I had a knee scooter as well and I must say I got pretty good on it! I would fly around everywhere! I learned to get a motorized cart when I went out though. It made life so much easier. It’s funny how when you need one of them or a handicap parking place they are never to be found and you start looking at the people who are using them. Let’s just say there are a lot of lazy people out there that NEED to walk and leave the motorized carts to the ones that actually CANT walk! Ok, I’m off my rant. You keep me laughing with your updates! Rest up because you are going to need it for your trip and I hope you all have a blast and that your momma does well! God Bless!

  • Marie Castine says:

    For your 3yr old, I would recommend getting a toddler clock –

    This will basically change colors when it is time for them to get up. We use ours on the weekend so our 3yr old doesn’t come wake us at 5am! LOL! Does it work 100% of the time? Nope but the few times it has worked has been such a blessing.

  • Kristen Gates says:

    Okay…I’m calling you. I keep having this visual of you flying off of a knee scooter!!!

  • Norma Martin says:

    So sorry for the yucky day and so sorry you fell. You definitely need a dose of Disney! I don’t know how it happens, other than its just magic that you instantly feel better there. Our family has always been a Disney family. In fact, one year were at Hollywood Studios (then called MGM, lol) My 9 year old daughter said, “One day, I am gonna work here! She didn’t just mean at Disney, but specifically at The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios. Well, that was 13 years ago, my daughter works at “The Great Movie Ride” and has been working there for over 2 years! I have visited her a couple of times, but she has just been promoted to a gangster who hijacks the tram at GMR! So, if you happen to go there and ride it, The gangster that takes over your tram may just be my daughter! Sorry to ramble…..Have a great trip and Forget your worries Hakuna Matata!

  • Zoey says:

    Oh my gosh, that picture! That’s exactly the look I had on my face this morning.

  • April Monty says:

    Wow what a day,but you have cake to drown your sorrows in lol be careful and feel better soon.

  • Rosalee Jacklin says:

    I am dealing with a Metatarsal Fracture in my left foot. It hurts so bad & its so difficult to use crutches for me! I finally have a boot on BUT have to use my crutches & let me just say “imagine a 300+ lb woman hopping around on crutches”. It isn’t pretty! I told the Dr can’t I get a wheel chair or a knee scooter. Because well me hopping around every single hop there goes one roll flying up as the second one flies up and when I land both rolls land and my poor right leg is in so much pain and giving out. Its been such a struggle.

    I love how much humor you have even with your broken foot, shows me that I need to liven up a bit and just push on through! Thanks so much for keeping it real. Look forward to your next blog post!!

  • Stephanie says:

    At least the day end better than it began.

  • Kelly says:

    I am feeling that way today. Isn’t it weird how when you feel crummy, it just compounds itself and nothing goes right. Thanks for makeing me giggle. I need it today.

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    It has to be hard getting around like this. I am so sorry for your falls. There is light at the end of the tunnel. God is good. One day you will look back and laugh at this. I give you alot of cred for pushing through this. God Bless. Thank you for sharing

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