My Mom did these three things for the very FIRST time…all in ONE night!

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My daughter Lily recently celebrated her 11th Birthday. For her birthday she had a few requests. She wanted to eat at a cajun restaurant that we had just recently tried for the first time. Yep, she liked it that much. She also wanted to go roller skating, wanted some kinetic sand and an essential oils diffuser necklace.

File Jul 23, 3 21 45 PMWhen we ate at the cajun restaurant a few weeks ago, the whole family tried gator bites. Well, everyone except Grandma. In fact, Grandma was not having it all all! Never ate them, didn’t want to try them. Nope. Not happening. So for Lily’s birthday, she said she wanted Grandma to try gator bites for the first time and she did. Done. #1 on the list!

After dinner we went to a local roller skating rink. My 70+ year old mother had never been roller skating before. I couldn’t even believe that. Ok, technically she had been roller skating before but she said it was like when she was ten. I mean, WHAT IN THE WORLD??!! So needless to say when my ten year old found this out, Grandma HAD to roller skate for her birthday. And she did. I am here to tell you it may have been one of THE funniest things I have EVER seen in my life. You know when you laugh so hard, you start to cry, almost pee your pants and snort ALL at the same time? Yahhhh…that happened. We put the skates on her and then my husbandFile Jul 23, 3 21 57 PM and I rolled her on to the roller rink floor (ala Weekend at Bernie’s ‘cept she was totally alive n’all-lol). As soon as her feet hit the floor, her legs turned into spaghetti. Picture one of those really funny cartoons where the legs go everywhere when they slip on a banana peel…that was her! I tried to get video but it was utter chaos so all I could get was this picture which still is EVERYTHING! #2 on the list!

So as if gator bites and spaghetti legs roller skating weren’t enough…we saw a sign for laser tag and of course we had to do it! Grandma had never done laser tag either so she slapped on that vest and in we went. In all honesty, I had actually never done it either so it was like a scene from Dumb & Dumber between the two of us. Momma Jane was shooting at anyone and everyone. She was even shooting at Lily who was on HER team. My mom and I just walked around slowly arm and arm shooting at our own family and at the random kids who were also in there. I heard some of them even yelling “get the old people!” which I am sure was meant for someone else and not us of course! 😉 Mom just kept saying, “I don’t think my gun is working!” Scratch #3 laser tag off Momma Jane’s list.

My Momma Jane has had a pretty rough couple of months and that she even had the energy to go with us AND put on a pair of roller skates is really amazing! Absolutely amazing. I know this will be one birthday Lily will never forget and one I will ALWAYS remember!

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • Taylor says:

    Omygosh, this made my day!!!! I’m so absolutely thrilled that Momma Jane was able to do all three of those things for Lily’s Birthday! What a total answer to prayer-a true miracle! 🙏❤️❤️❤️

  • Staci says:

    All of this makes my heart happy!! So, what did Momma Jane think of the gator?

  • Janet West says:

    Go Momma Jane!!!!!! Happy Birthday to Lily and God bless her for helping Momma Jane check some things off of her Bucket List! ❤️😉

  • Lee Davis says:

    This made my day.. awesome what a grandchild can get you to do..

  • Ashley Davis says:

    This makes me so happy! I love that she was up for such an adventure and such a special day! Happy Bday Lily!! We love you!

  • Josie Long says:

    OMG, OMG, OMGGG, Cindy that’s absolutely absolutely a blessing, and miracle by the grace of GOD! Eating gator bites, going roller skating, AND playing laser tag (PWPW), even though she did shoot at her own team, Mama Jane was at least having the time of her life!
    However, my absolute favorite part about the 3 things your Mama Jane did, was that she did it for Lilly. 💘💗💓💕💝💟💚💜💙💖💞💛 #Familytime

  • krystel says:

    This is really a blessing !!!!! Im so happy for you

  • Stephanie says:

    The only one I’ve done is try to roller skate.

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This sounds like a great time. I am happy it was such a happy day. Good for your mom. God Bless

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