Now…I only use THIS for my sleep issues.

sleep_FotorUgh! I don’t know if there is anything worse than NOT being able to sleep! For real. Not getting enough sleep or not sleeping well pretty much sets the tone for my entire day! Last week when my Momma Jane was in the hospital, I didn’t get alot of sleep. In fact…she is STILL there as I write this post. (Hoping she will be home very soon!) The first night, we had to call 911 and she went by ambulance to the Emergency Room. By the time I got home, it was 2am and then I got awake around 6am although my alarm wasn’t supposed to go off until 630am to get my two girls up for school. I was pretty much in a fog the entire day when I went back to the hospital. Come on, you can’t survive on four hours of sleep. Well, at least I can’t. But not getting enough sleep and not sleeping well are two different issues.

Back when I had my morning radio show, we had to get up at 330-4am depending on the day and how cute I wanted to look at work. Ha! I am sure you can figure out the answer to that one if you know me! I now think of my two of my dearest friends Kristen and Taylor who have morning radio shows and have to keep that same early morning schedule. Ugh! When I filled in for my friend Kristen for a few mornings a few weeks ago, I was reminded what it was like to get little or no sleep. Good gravy. I forget how your body changes so dramatically. I ate differently, felt differently, handled my emotions differently. Mommy not getting enough sleep = CRABBY pants Mommy!

That’s why when I kept those hours. I would always try and go to bed early. But even if I got to bed early, I didn’t always fall right to sleep. When I used to have challenges with sleep I tried the typical stuff…Nyquil, Ambien, Melatonin…you name it. Over the counter, behind thetacobell counter…whatever, I just wanted to go to sleep. Once I got sick with Cancer six years though, I wanted to change the way I took care of my body. Ok, yes I still eat Taco Bell on occasion (don’t judge! lol) but I wanted to TRYYYY and be healthier. So now, I try and find ways to be healthy inside and out. I eat so much better. (Except for that occasional Taco Bell…ok and sometimes a cupcake!) I walk alot more. I pretty much only drink water and the occasional Decaf Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks and maybe some champers (champagne) on occasion. I also do not use sleep “medicines” anymore.

Last year when I got attacked by chiggers out here in the country where we live. (More on ChiggerGate2015 HERE. HA!), I stumbled across Essential Oils. I had never heard of them before and a neighbor friend Eliza and I got to chatting about more natural healthy remedies because she was helping me with a solution for my itching from ChiggerGate2015 (Again, read all about it HERE) So while we were talking about ChiggerGate2015, I asked her if there is an Essential oil to help with sleep issues. She told me allll about an oil called Vetiver. THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! No joke. Now, I mix Vetiver with a little fractionated coconut oil (I didn’t know what that was either) and put it in a rollerball thing that I bought off Amazon and voila! Now, I rub it on my feet after I get in bed, before I fall asleep. Sounds weird I know, but it works for me! She also recommended some other oils because every person is different. She told me I could diffuse Lavender and even diffuse the Vetiver so I also got a diffuser and now I diffuse those oils pretty much every night. I also splurged and got diffusers for the girls rooms and now I diffuse Lavender and other healthy oils that I am learning about. My husband doesn’t even know who I am anymore but he loves it because my healthy learning is helping him too and it’s helping our family.  I believe so much in these Essential Oils, that I was even on the NEWS talking about sleep…or lack thereof. lol Seriously…watch!

I’m still a healthy work in progress and I’ve learned that sometimes I even have to take a break from the Vetiver and try another oil because with anything, I think your body gets used to it and itIMG_0236
sometimes maybe doesn’t seem as effective. That’s when I switch it up and try Lavender, Wild Orange, Cedarwood, Clary Sage or Frankincense which my friend Eliza also recommended to toss into the mix. There are all sorts of different oil combinations for sleep diffuser remedies. Look, if sleep medicines work for you, by all means, you gotta do what works for you, but if you are looking for a more natural way to try and get some shut eye…I am telling you, this Vetiver and many other Essential Oils have changed my life! Now I’m honk shoe-ing away! Get it honk shoe?! As in snoring. Ok, I’m done! 🙂

XO Surviving Mommy

PS. If you’re interested in my trusted brand and how to get started using essential oils, then CLICK HERE!


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  • Coach karyn says:

    Love it! I use rutavala and am so glad it’s on a dollar ball cause it stinks!! But it works! I just rub it in the feet and rub my feet together!
    Praying for momma Jane!!🙏

  • Coach karyn says:

    Ugg rollerball not dollar ball! Haha

  • Janelle says:

    I use a mix of young living’s lavender, cedarwood and valerian in a roller ball! Love my EO’S! I occasionally have to go back and just us lavender for a bit. I have also used rutavala, and tranquil. I was told your body gets “balanced” in that area and that’s why you have to change it up a little. I haven’t tried vetiver…looking forward to trying that one.

  • Christy says:

    I am going thru a divorce & was having a really hard time sleeping & staying asleep. An awesome friend of mine told me about essential oils & diffusers. She loaned me one of her diffusers & gave me several oils. One of which is Lavender. That has been tremendous help for me. I fall asleep so much easier & I stay asleep for most of the night. I have never been a morning person EVER but now I have no problems waking up around 6:30-7:30.

    • Right??!! Been there, done that! Yes, the diffusers are SO wonderful and I love that they work for you too!! Lavender has become a staple in our house. Besides the amazing smell, it works SO well. Helps me if I get a headache too! 🙂

  • Kim Joyce says:

    Cindy, where do you get yours and what does a diffuser look like? Sorry but I have never heard about it. Sounds great!!

    Share please.

    • Hey Kim! I use DoTerra Essential Oils and their products because they are therapeutic grade essential oils, they are not synthetic. What that means is they are totally PURE oils and not made with a bunch of fake stuff. Trust me, I had never used oils OR even a diffuser before last Summer and now, we use them ALL over our house and in our family. You can check out my website at and just do a search for Diffuser. They have a few different ones, but I chose the Petal Diffuser. ( I joined DoTerra because I wanted to be able to save money when I made purchases and also be able to get points to get free oils. hee hee If you need help navigating or have more questions, shoot me an email I certainly had to bug my neighbor friend Eliza when I first learned about them. Hope this helps a bit Kim! 🙂

  • Ashley Davis says:

    Gotta really start using my oils more often!

  • Michele says:

    I got a recipe for something you can use in your laundry. You use epson salt and any kind of essential oil. Mix it together until you get the strength you want and you put some in with your washing machine. It not only makes your laundry feel softer but it makes it smell good too. Maybe try some with lavender for your sheets. I haven’t tried it yet but the article was very interesting so I have already bought the epson salt. I just need to get the lavender oil and I’ll try it when I wash my sheets!

  • Stewart says:

    Not having enough sleep further leads to serious health issues. A good sleep is a remedy for many health problems.

  • Zondra Barber says:

    Have a friend that was listening to you on the Bull with Kristen talking about essential oils. She is a dear friend of 20+ years. Kidney issues prevents her from using typical medications for pain. She heard a man call in raving about a product but missed the name. Please HELP! Thank you….Zondrs

  • Jessica Soaper says:

    Hi Cindy, I just started using oils. Do you recommend after applying to feet w coconut oil…to put on cotton socks? Will I have same results with or without socks?

    • Hi Jessica…great question. I don’t use socks when I put on my Vetiver and Coconut oil. I don’t know for sure if it matters but I have had good results with NO socks but I really think you can go either way. Probably whatever you are more comfortable sleeping with Jessica. Oh and if you ever have anymore questions, please feel free to shoot me an email at whenever you want! Happy almost Friday and thanks for your post! 🙂

  • Lynne B says:

    There are a number of reasons I have sleep problems, like I-wish-it-would-just-get-here-and-get-it-over-with menopause. My sister gave me one of her diffusers and a bottle of Lavender EO. I used it for two nights with mixed results. However I remain forever hopeful!

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