So last night my mom took ME to the Emergency Room!

Sometimes when crazy things happen in our family as they seem to do, I just have to laugh. Last night was no exception.

File Aug 10, 9 10 46 AMIf you’re counting…in the last few months, we’ve had two Momma Jane hospital visits, each with week long stays each annnnd one husband ER visit. (read about it here) I feel like May and June were a big fat blur. Thankfully Mom seemed to start doing better in July and by the time August started last week, we really seemed like we were over the rough spell. Yesterday started out great too. I went to my favorite hair salon Vis-A-Vis The Salon where I’ve gone for 13 years and was very excited about my new shorter do that I got. I came home, was sort of flitting around with my new bouncy hair and no more skunk roots and was having a great day. Then last night, while our daughters were taking shower and my hubster Eric texted me, “can you please come into the laundry room?” I have to honestly and embarrassingly admit, that I thought that was code for a little husband/wife “quality time” while the girls were getting ready for bed. HA HA No, really. So when I headed upstairs to go to the laundry room, while I was walking up the stairs, yes you read correctly, UP the stairs, I tripped and fell. I fell UP the stairs!!! WHO falls UP the stairs??!!! I knew something bad happened because I couldn’t move. It was like my foot was paralyzed. It was awful. I instantly yelled for Eric who I thought was “in the laundry room” and it turns out he was. He was up in the attic off the laundry room so he couldn’t hear me. I yelled and yelled trying to remain calm because I didn’t want the girls to hear me yelling in a panic. He finally came down from the attic to find me on the stairs sobbing.File Aug 10, 9 09 36 AM

I couldn’t walk so he helped me up and them went back in the attic to get his old crutches for me. He thought maybe I just sprained my foot at first so we iced it. I couldn’t stop crying and the pain just kept getting worse so we decided to go to the ER. Thankfully Momma Jane has been feeling better so we thought it would take less energy for her to take me to the hospital than to stay home with the girls and get them to bed. Ha. Parents, you know how crazy bedtime can be! So Momma Jane drove me to the hospital in my pj’s and low and behold, I broke my foot. I have never EVER broken anything before. Crazy huh?! Ironically a few months ago, I even wrote about this great mom-owned company called Cast Coverz which has cast covers, crutches and accessories and I had even mentioned in that post that I had never broken anything before but I would know where to go if I did. I was telling the Dr’s and nurses all about Cast Covers last night saying I couldn’t wait to get some stylish accessories for my new foot cast. The nurses were so amazing and kind last night and laughing at how silly I was being about breaking my first bone. I mean my mom and I were taking selfies File Aug 10, 9 09 55 AMand laughing the whole time. I told them I envisioned going home and crawling into bed and channeling my inner Sigourney Weaver from the movie Working Girl when she broke her leg. If you saw the movie, you know what I am talking about. It’s one of my faves.

However I didn’t know a couple of important things. #1. How painful a broken bone really is. I passed on the prescription pain medicines last night because I haaaaate taking pain meds and boy did I pay for it. I spent allll of last night awake, writhing in pain, crying the whole night. Soooo needless to say when I get over to see the Orthopedic Doctor today, I will be getting some pain medication. #2. I cannot use crutches gracefully. Like at all. My husband said he’s never seen anything like it. I’m all over the place. I am a youtube viral video waiting to happen. I mean I always knew I was pretty uncoordinated but goodness gracious, I look like a hot mess hobbling around on crutches. Thank you God for the new chair with wheels that we ordered for Momma Jane for Disney arrived and I am using that to wheel around the house for now.

Speaking of Momma Jane, we are taking her to Walt Disney World to celebrate her birthday Labor Day weekend and attend our first Mickey’s Not So ScaryFile Aug 10, 10 18 07 AM Halloween Party. The FIRST question I asked the Dr was if I would be able to do Disney in three weeks. She said I could but I would probably be in a boot. Meh. Mom then said that we didn’t need to go. To which I replied, “say whaaaaaaaaat??!! Ummm, no. I have worked so hard to get our Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costumes together for the party and made all sorts of fun birthday plans to celebrate mom, there is no WAY we are not going on this trip. I mean I have been counting castcoverzdown the days for crying out loud. I mean, the kids have. lol

So big decisions to make… do I special order a CastCover to go with my Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas costume for the Halloween party or maybe order a red, black and white CastCover alá Minnie Mouse to wear for the remainder of our trip or…both. HA!

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XO SurvivingMommy



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  • I think you should see if they can quickly make one that looks like a Minnie Mouse Shoe!

    P.S… I fall up stairs, too! But my greatest talent might be tripping over my own shadow!

  • Only you could be smiling about the bright side of things here. I think Cast Cover should send you both covers and call it an even trade for the promotion you just gave them. 🙂

  • Tami says:

    I fractured my right ankle while running a work errand….IN Cumberland Mall…the week OF Christmas (which was on a Thursday that year). I experienced what is referred to as “white-hot” pain. You don’t feel the pain at the fracture/break point right away. You feel it everywhere else, though. You’re hot, especially in the face. You’re not focused on what other “helpers” are shouting at you. Just that they’re in your face, and would you get out of my face already!! Then, when you’re finally helped off the floor and on to a bench, then….the REAL PAIN ensues. Ohhhh….mmmmm….geeeeeee! The ankle swelled up like a balloon and a rainbow all in one. Once the swelling begins, then the pain is sooo there. Oh. Did I mention? I also sprained my left ankle in the same fall. Yep. Imagine trying to hobble around from mid-December to the end of February on crutches …. because your fractured ankle is a non-ambulatory injury….using your poor sprained ankle as both of your feet? Yep. Oh. Did I also mention….it was a VERY, very cold winter that year too. Even though it happened almost 18 years ago this December, there are certain details that cannot be forgotten.

    Oh! Whenever you break/fracture ANY bone, TAKE THE PAIN MEDS!!! Seriously! The pain meds barely touch the pain, anyway. But, at least you can get in a 15-minute nap here and there throughout the night rather than suffer all night in pain and no sleep.

    The next couple of weeks will be a great barometer for you as to whether or not you can tolerate going to WDW. You may need a wheelchair yourself, though. When you’re on your injured foot too long, it begins to swell. The swelling starts the pain. And, you’re supposed to keep it elevated. You could still go to WDW, but you may have to alter your plans a bit. Get well soon, Cin!!

  • Taylor says:

    Omygosh, for someone who has been writhing in pain all night, you have the BEST attitude! So inspiring! I’ll be praying for quick healing. So sorry you’re going through this! xox

  • Stacy says:

    1. What the heck! That stinks. And I have multiple boots in many sizes if you’d like to borrow them (thank you kids who break feet and ankles).
    2. I’d get BOTH cast covers OR bedazzle your boot. We saw 3 women with boots at Disney and one had it bedazzled and it was AWESOME!

  • Ashley Davis says:

    OMGosh!!!!! I can’t believe this! You have to get one of those wheelie things you put your knee on and rest your leg on so you can wheel around Disney or do they make a double wheelchair like a double stroller?!?!?!

    Love you and praying for a speedy recovery!!!

    Disney here you all come! Al least you get to skip to the front of the line for your double wheel chair needs! wink, wink!

  • Marianne says:

    You should look at renting a knee walker or knee scooter — much easier (and safer) than crutches. You will be glad you did. Promise!

  • Sally Koether says:

    First things first. you are rocking the new hair! I like you – loathe medicine of any kind. However, take the pain meds and it is VERY important to take as prescribed on the bottle. If you wait to take them once you start feeling the pain coming on it is TOO LATE! For true relief – take the meds then meet your husband in “the laundry room” LOL!

  • Alison says:

    1) I fall up the stairs all the time!

    2) love Sigourney Weaver and your reference to her!

    3) I hate pain meds too but sometimes you need them. I usually take have the recommended dosage.

    4) hope you feel better soon

  • Lorrie Ross says:

    CINDY!!! NOOOOO! Sending you happy recovery vibes and yes to sporting fun cast covers! has you covered (I vote for a leopard cover or the red and white “minnie” dots one) HUGS!!

  • Cindy Simmons says:

    Do not cancel your trip! I broke my foot in 2010 5 weeks before an all girl trip to NYC. Didn’t even go to the doctor. I was able to walk NYC for 7 days but you need to invest in a pair of FitFlops. They are the only thing that saved me since they have much thicker soles and lessened the impact of walking. I still have the pair brought for the trip and don’t ever plan to be without a pair.

  • Stacy says:

    Having my daughter break her foot a few weeks befire we went to Disney last year, I have a few tips. Take advantage of the disability fast pass. Go to guest relations and get it. Awesome! Plus rent a knee scooter. It makes getting around a lot easier than a wheelchair but you may feel tired of that eventually so no shame in using a wheelchair. They are awesome to guests with disabilities. Take advantage ! They treat you like royalty. Fast passes for all rides for not just you but your entire party!

  • Jonas Caddell says:

    Why was Eric in the attic ?

  • Josie Long says:

    Um… forgive me, but… Cindyyyyy, only you could do something like fall Up the stairs, and not down them.. Although, falling up them was probably better.. I love love you beautiful, and I hope you heal ASAP! 💘💖 💓😘😘

  • Annette says:

    Cindy, I don’t mean to laugh at your expense, but your post is hilarious! The TRUE definition of accident: Falling UP the stairs. Big Hugz to you and thank you for the big mention of As we discussed, a CastCoverz! care package is on its way! Remember, pain meds are your friends! Keep that leg elevated (above the heart) and put ice on your cast.
    Annette d. Giacomazzi (mom of daughter who has broken 12 bones!!)

  • Michele says:

    I broke my ankle on July 4th 4 years ago. I was wearing combat boots outside trimming tree branches as I was looking up at the last one I needed to trim I stepped in a hole! I knew it broke because I heard it. Long story short, I had surgery, broke it again in the first week after my surgery, had another surgery, had 14 different casts, used a scooter that you place your knee on, then went to a boot. So from July 4th until January I didn’t walk on my foot! I tried PT but they messed up my ankle so I did things at home. Trying to pick up marbles with my toes was one of the things I had to do! I couldn’t! Those were the longest 6 months! I hope you take care and stay off your foot so you can heal. Keep it elevated to keep the swelling down and take your meds when you hurt. I’m lucky I didn’t have small children at the time! Good luck and I hope you enjoy your trip! I’ve missed seeing your posts! God Bless!

  • Stephanie Hogshead says:

    So sorry!! Just join everyone else at Disney & rent an electric scooter! Haha! Have fun! We love the Halloween party!

  • Kristen says:

    I hate this phrase, but it fits – “bless your heart!”. I trip UP the stairs all the time! I hope you have a fast and full recovery.

  • Donna says:

    Wow! What a couple months you have had. Sport to hear about the break. That stinks. I too have never broke a bone with playing sports practically my whole life. Sprained a lot but never broke. Make sure you keep it elevated I between all the fun your having cuz it sweeps up when walking to long even with a cute boot ! I’d say get both covers.. Have you seen these really cool cast walkers .. You never ever have to use crutches again. They are so cool! I see people with them all the time . If I ever break a leg I’m getting one ! Well heal up quick and take it easy SUPER mom!

  • Lisa says:

    Cindy you crazy gal you! LOL First I’m so sorry about your foot! 2nd -do NOT cancel the Disney trip. You may be in a boot but they have scooters down there you can rent by the day if you get too tired dragging that thing around. 3rd Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party – my favorite! Had a BLAST 2 years ago!!! You will love it and p.s. BEST fireworks show hands down (Hallowishes) – And last but not least….with a broken foot and a boot – you need your happy place so make the best of it, rock those costumes and have fun!

  • Christi says:

    I hope you have been using your oils!!!
    I know lemongrass is great for inflammation, and be sure to use lemon in your water (in case you aren’t already ) to help detox your liver while you’re on pain meds
    I have a friend who severely broke her right arm in a major car accident and doTerra really helped he through the healing process!
    Good luck and ENJOY DISNEY!!
    BTW, yeah, both cast covers!

  • Teresa Kick says:

    Girl, you haven’t seen me on crutches. OMG, what a stinkin mess. Last time I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee it hurt more than it ever had before( he didn’t put numbing meds in there that time) I woke up just wailing, well after 2 morphine doses and Percocet I was not feeling any relief. So the anesthesiologist came by he asked if I wanted a block, I’m like yes give it to me in an Exorcist type voice. Well I didn’t realize it would completely take all feeling out of my leg, so being so graceful on crutches I kept trying to put my food down. Well I managed to spiral and go down between the bed and dresser. You would have loved it. Hope you feel better. Picture my story and laugh, you will!

  • Tiffany W says:

    I broke my ankle last year. All the nurses were so impressed when I showed up for my appointments with my monogram on my cast and ribbon wrapped around the top and tied into a pretty bow! When I got the boot, I laced ribbon through the holes in front like a shoe lace and tied at the top. Also, I rented a knee scooter. It was a life saver because I am definitely not coordinated enough for crutches! (I fell on my butt in front of a large group just days after breaking my ankle!)

  • Danielle K. says:

    Go for both cast covers!

    I’m just as uncoordinated, so I actually understand falling up the stairs.

    When I was in high school, I gave myself a black eye by leaning into my parents bedroom (hardwood floor) while wearing socks, not shoes, and not realizing someone spilled pledge. Boom! My hands were on the door jam so nothing blocked my fall. My friends believed me, since they know I’m a klutz, but well meaning teachers pulled me aside to ask if I was being abused.

    Did you know Disney will give you extra fast passes and different (better) access for being disabled, even a temporary injury? Check in at guest services when you get to the park. My Mother-in-law needs knee surgery, so when she hobbled around Disney with a leg brace & cane, they gave her this special access pass – and it applied for all 7 people in our party when we wanted to go on rides with her. We called it the “magic pass” and it’s the only reason we were able to bypass the 4 hour line for the Frozen ride and ride with a 30 minute wait!

  • Sherry Fram says:

    I thought u was thieving one who fell up the stairs! Luckily I didn’t break anything but skinned my shins up good! I hope you heal quickly!

  • Melissa Storms says:

    That’s terrible, it sounds like you have had a too eventful summer. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Olivine Eyes says:

    Ouch, I don’t even want to think about that. It’s starting to make me hurt. Please get better!

  • Stephanie says:

    The only time I’ve been to the ER was because of sever cramps. Good luck.

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