So THIS happened today and I almost burst into tears!

BEFORESometimes I wish I could press the pause button and stop time. Sigh. When I was ten, I got my ears pierced so I told my oldest daughter Lily whenAFTER she turned ten, she could get hers done too! Well, I am leaving to NYC tomorrow for a very awesome blogger event called Blogger Bash so I ‘m gonna be gone for a few days and she turns ten on Wednesday. So I told her we could go a couple of days early and we just got home from having it done. Oh em gee!!! It was SUCH an amazing experience. We went to place in Senoia, GA called Cornerstone Tattoo. I took my mom there a few months ago to get her first tattoo and I got an upper ear piercing. I went there because I specifically wanted to see this piercer guy named Bryan because that’s all he does…pierce things. So he kinda knows what he is doing! He was also super sweet when I went the last time and I wanted to take Lily to a place I knew she would feel comfortable and I wanted to have it done by someone who is a professional piercer for a living!

But even though everything was great, all I wanted to do is cry the whole time. lol  When Mr. Bryan was done it was all I could do to not burst into tears! She looked SO grown up and I was so proud of her for being such a big girl! She did awesome!!! The smile has not left her face since we got home and that means I will be getting on a plane tomorrow with a full heart. She is soooo happy! I will remember this moment forever and hopefully she will too! I love Mommy/Daughter memories!

How old were you when you got YOUR ears pierced and how old was your daughter?

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • Marie says:

    I was 4 when I got mine pierced. I don’t have a daughter (yet!) so can’t answer that question. But i have pierced hundreds of ears when I worked for Afterthoughts at Gwinnett Place Mall! LOL! And I had over 20 piercings myself at the time.

  • Ashley Davis says:

    Love this! I was 6 weeks old…my dad took me to the mall and my mom didn’t know! lol

    I took our daughter Stella to the dermatologist to have hers done at 12 weeks. I know I am crazy and some people look at me like I am but who cares…to each his own!


  • Becky says:

    I was 13. Pierced by a neighbor who froze my ears with ice and used a needle.

  • April says:

    I hadine pierced when i was small. I had both of my girls done early (6mo?) and neither one wears them now. Its like they are allergic or something.

  • Tracy Flechsig Smith says:

    Awww Cindy, you big pile o’mush. Id be boohooing too. Getting your ears pierced is almost a rite of passage. A big milestone for a girl. It’s another thing that Mom & daughter can bond over so you aren’t crazy.
    I’ll NEVER forgot having mine done. I was probably 8 or 9 and my mom & my sister who is 11 years older than me were at Southlake Mall and Mom decided she would take me to Spencer’s! I mean of all places to talk a kid! This is a store I wasn’t even aloud to go into just to browse because of the merchandise.

    There was a guy with two girls in front of us. One of the girls was getting her ears pierced. They were probably in their 20s. I was already nervous and when they pierced each of the girls ears the guy was acting stupid screaming “Oh my God look at all the blood! Oh noooo!”

    Of course there was no blood he was trying to freak the girl out. Little did he know
    My Mom was giving him the state of death. She was so mad he was doing that because I was standing there.

    So my turn comes and I did great. Didn’t cry. Nada. They told me to leave them in for several days to keep the holes from closing up. Lo and behold when it came time to take them out, they wouldn’t budge. My mom worked for more than two hours to try and get them out. For some reason she thought rubbing them with a toothbrush would work. No. Just made my ears raw. I honestly don’t know how we finally got them out but I never put them back in. But when I was a teenager I repierced them all on my own with an ice cube, alcohol and a safety pin. Worked like a charm!

    I wish I would be able to look forward to the day I could do it with my daughters but alas they’re in heaven now. But hey, a gold halo is better than earrings any day.

    Congrats Lilybug! You look beautiful!

  • Kim Edwards says:

    I was 10 and my grandmother pierced mine with a sewing needle. My oldest daughter Wrin was 8 and Beth Anne was 14. Beth Anne never wanted hers pierced and then at 14 she decided she wanted them done.

  • shana says:

    My mom said I was about 8 months when she took me. I got my daughters done at 2 months old at her pediatricians office when she got her shots.

  • Cindy says:

    My daughters were 10 when they got their ears pierced too! I don’t remember how old I was, but I believe it was about the same age. Turning double digits is bittersweet!

  • Valerie says:

    My mom made me & my sisters wait until we were 12 to get our ears pierced. She said we couldn’t get it done until we were old enough/responsible enough to take care of our ears ourselves. She didn’t get hers done until she was over 50… I don’t think she ever would’ve done it, but my dad got her a REALLY nice pearl necklace & bracelet for Christmas one year that came with earrings so I guess that’s what convinced her to bite the bullet & get it done.

  • Cindy D. Simmons says:

    My ears were pierced at 5 years old but then we realized I was allergic to wearing earrings. After months of trying to get the swelling and bleeding under control my mom took them out and the holes grew up. Fast forward to 18 and I had them pierced again, same results. I can’t even wear clip on earrings. Ugh.

  • Coach karyn says:

    I was around 8-9 and my sister (8 yrs older) used ice and a needle! Wowza. Mom was NOT happy!
    My daughter, Shelby was 12 weeks. We were getting her shots at the peditrician’s office and I asked how old her girls were when they got them done. She said 3 months. She also said she does it all the time in her office cause hey they already have Advil in them for the shots. So we just did it then. I didn’t have to worry about her having to take care of them and turn them and clean them! I got looks and remarks but know my daughter now, (23) were both glad we did it then! Lol

  • Michele says:

    I can’t remember when I got my ears pierced. Probably 16 but I took my daughter when she was about 3 months old. She didn’t have much hair and even though she was dressed in pink she was often addressed as a he, so I decided that maybe if I got her ears pierced that it would be a dead giveaway! I’m glad I did it when she was little because she didn’t remember it and she did really good getting it done.

  • Jan says:

    I was 10 when I first had my monthly cycle and 8 when I had my ears pierced… All rites of passage towards growing up.

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