This is how I celebrate. No, really.

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This past weekend on Saturday October 1st, I kicked off my Birthday month celebration. Ok while I do love to celebrate my birthday, I don’t really normally celebrate alllll month long anymore. Don’t get it twisted…I used to all of the time but once you get past 30, I think the novelty starts to wear off. That is until I had one of the WORST summers ever! Yep. Just in our little family of five we had: two calls to 911, four emergency room visits, two weeks in two different hospitals, a breathing machine, a broken nose, a broken foot AND we had to cancel our summer cruise vacation. That is all since the beginning of MAY! Yes, this past MAY, alllll in the last six months. You can read all about it here.

Processed with Snapseed.So guess what I’m gonna do? Celebrate my October 20th Birthday ALLLLLL month long! That’s right! It started this past Saturday when my girlfriend Taylor drove all the way to my house, picked me up (I still can’t drive because of my lovely broken booted foot) and took me out for my dinner. She showed up with a bag of goodies…I mean look at all of this yummy stuff. I was all dressed up in a new blouse and boots (courtesy of Tarjay),  I mean I was SO excited to just get out of the house.file-oct-03-2-56-18-pm Seriously being able to NOT drive is really no fun, AT ALL.

We then headed to our restaurant reservation where we ate yummy meat and cheese and talked for hours. She had a plan for the end of the night to take me to a dessert and coffee place but the restaurant brought over a little birthday dessert so we were nice and full. We were gonna head home! During our dinner conversation though, I mentioned I needed to pick up a few books at the store for my daughter to take to a birthday party the next day. (They were collecting books to donate). So after dinner was finished, we decided to head to Target. Yep. Target. That is what “cool, happening” ladies do now. Ok, no they don’t. But we did. Long gone are the days of partay-ing, clubbing, dancing, whooping it up. Now, we have a dinner, remain sober and head to the Target to pick up something for my kids. Ha!

Processed with Snapseed.Oh and I forgot to mention, we did try on Halloween costumes, played in the Barbie and Star Wars toys section and went on a search for a new coffee mug for my Wednesday Coffee Convo Facebook show. HA! It was awesome!

Finding joy in surviving life, that’s what it’s all about! Soooo…Happy Birthday month to me!

XO Surviving Mommy

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