This totally jeebs out both my mom AND my bestie. Anyone else?

gross feetSeriously. HOW have I been my mother’s daughter for oh I don’t know…MY WHOLE LIFE and I have never known this about her??? Then to find out one of my BFF’s Heather has the same issue. What am I talking about? They are both completely and totally jeebed out by wait for it…are you ready?

Feet. Yes, I said FEET. No really.

File Jun 04, 10 01 55 AMMy Momma Jane doesn’t like anybody’s feet touching her. She said my dad would always mess around with her and try to put his feet on her and she would totally wig out. HA! However, she has no problem with anyone touching her feet. Like she can get a pedicure with no problem. During her recent hospital stay, I was rubbing my essential oils on her feet and she liked that just fine. In fact…she even asks me now to rub my essential oils on her feet. Because it isn’t MY feet touching her! lol

My bestie Heather is the same way. However, her issue stems from a foot surgery she had when she was a kid. It left her in pain and she was unable to wear normal shoes for three years. She is also not a big fan of her fiancé touching her with his feet but she doesn’t freak out if he accidentally does. On one of our yearly Spring Break trips though with our other bestie Marylouise, I messed with her and tried to put my foot on her. She was like N to the big fat O, no…get your feet off me. hee hee But pedicures? Totally fine. Again…no problem with her own feet.

I even asked Heather to send me a picture of her feet when I told her I was going to write about this and here is what she sent me. HAHAHA I died.IMG_2340

Does anyone else get the jeebs from feet? Or do you have something else that just totally jeebs you out and you can’t really explain why? Let me know below!

XO Surviving Mommy

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  • Tami says:

    Too funny! Ive heard of people who have feet issues, but I’m not one of them. However, I HATE my feet! And I never think about factoring in pedicures as part of my monthly budget. That just goes to show how high it is on my “give a care” list my feet are. Must change fhat somehow. Can you tell I’m tragically single?? LOL

  • Carolyn C says:

    I don’t like anyone’s feet touching me either unless it’s my dogs paw! Haha! It grosses me out too. I can’t explain it, but it does. I also don’t like my feet tickled either. I can go from happy to grumpy in 5 seconds.

  • Teresa Kick says:

    My husband and his son too are foot freaks! They always look at other people’s feet, and some of those you see where the lady has toe nails about 6 inches long they freak out bad. My husband won’t let anyone touch his feet, me included. I’ve tried to tell him how nice a pedicure is but NO WAY. His son inherited that from him.
    What cha gonna do👣

  • Lorrie Ross says:

    YEESSSS! I am a no-foot-touch foot freak! My hubs and kiddo are big feetie people, it totally grosses me out!

  • Michele says:

    I used to have to rub my dads feet when I was younger so feet don’t bother me but my daughter on the other hand… Well let’s just say she can’t stand to have anyone’s feet touch her! Not even her husbands! I don’t know wher she got that but she will get pedicures! Who knows?

  • Terry Lynne Hutchings says:

    I don’t mind feet as long as they aren’t “gross” feet ….. Like crazy talon claw swoop down and catch a fish toenails 😂😂

  • Jackie says:

    Oh Cindy I have never liked feet! I too don’t mind pedicures but feet touching me freaks me out. The only people I don’t mind are babies or children. Other than that no way!! For me it’s an O.C.D. Problem. People are on their feet all day and the germs are way too much to handle. My husband tries to touch me sometimes and I freak out too. Can’t help it.

  • Melissa says:

    I am right there with them. I don’t want a foot rub unless I have socks on. And oh don’t dare let anyones feet touch mine. I used to freak out with my ex husband about this same issue.

  • Tammie says:

    Feet GROSS me out! Even my own which are meticulously pedicured biweekly! My son’s baby feet were adorable until about the age of four and then they became stinky gross appendages that I can’t stand to look at. I think my foot issue came about seeing men with their ugly hairy toes sticking out in public places with those Teva sandals on. How can someone eat at a restaurant with hairy toes glaring you in the face? I just can’t stomach it. I know it’s MY issue and I need to take a chill pill about it, but I just can’t stand them. I feel Mama Jane and Heather’s pain. Feet can literally make my stomach turn! 🙁

  • Sandra Boyett says:

    My mama would literally (accidentally) kick you if you touched her feet. She was extremely ticklish on her feet. We loved to antagonize her when we were kids. She had a payback though, that would now be considered child abuse. She would hold us down and cover our nose and mouth so we couldn’t breathe. It was all in fun and sometimes we would beg her to do it. I miss my mama so much and am continually praying that Momma Jane will be all better soon.

  • Olivine Eyes says:

    I can see a vein trying to pop out of my left foot, but I don’t care. My feet get me to wherever I want to go.

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