When am I going back to radio?

CELEB19This is a question I get alot. When are you going back to radio?

Because this is what I did here in Atlanta for 12 years. I had a radio show. I also did it when I lived in Nashville and I actually started working in radio in Los Angeles where I grew up. I would imagine this seems like a natural question to ask anyone though who had a certain career for a certain length of time and then they are no longer doing that certain career anymore. lol I take it as a compliment because every single time someone asks me this question, I can tell they are so sincere, being kind and just truly want to know. I appreciate that anyone even cares really. It feels nice.

The honest answer? I really don’t know. I don’t know at this very moment if I want to, but that’s why you never say never! 😉 When I left my last radio job, I was ready to G.O. go! I had also blogged for the radio station for five years also and during that time realized that I was super passionate about sharing stories via writing. That is why I started Surviving Mommy before I left. I wanted something that was mine. Something that didn’t needed edited, approved and somewhere where I had the freedom to write about whatever I wanted to write about.

Since then I’ve been doing the blog full-time, hosted events, spoke at events, I’ve had so much more time with my daughters too and I LOVE IT! A few months after I left my radio job, I also discovered essential oils. I didn’t know what they were nor did I know a thing about them. I discovered them during something that happened to me that I dubbed ChiggerGate2015. lol  I’ve now used essential oils in my family’s everyday life for over a year. They have helped me with sleep issues, helped my mom with some neck and head pain, helped my daughters sleep better, helped our family with bug bites and we even make our own bug spray…I could literally go on and on. BUT…why hadn’t I been writing about them then non stop here on the blog until now? Well, because honestly, I was afraidFile Jun 19, 5 36 05 PM you would all think I was trying to “sell” you something. For real. I always try to be so honest when I write and keep it 100% real. That’s why you get the good, bad and the ugly when you come here because that’s my life…that’s real life.  But I realized not sharing this one thing means I am not being 100% real…more like 99%, lol and I want that to change.

While talking to my nurse practioner friend and neighbor Eliza about this sharing essential oils thing, she told me to pray about it. She was the one who saved me from ChiggerGate2015, lol, and she is the one who turned me onto essential oils. I know now that she and I were “supposed” to connect and I know why. God had a plan. He always does right? She and I got to talking and we figured out between her medical smarts (remember I said she is a nurse practitioner AND in critical care…God Bless her!) and my goofy story-telling, we should team up and share about essential oils with EVERYONE because it changed both of our lives. So we decided to take essential oils education on the road. Literally. Eliza and I are holding essential oils education classes and sharing all of our oil goodness with anyone who will listen. And before you say…oh look…Cindy is doing one of those pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing things (just like I thought), check out this really great article about WHY they really do work and why you SHOULD be buying products from people you know, love and trust. Your friends. Ever hear that saying, shop local? It’s true. We should ALL be doing it. Really. It’s a great way to support moms and each other! Read this article now because it will change your view just like it did mine. And thank you to one of my BFF’s Kristen for sending it File Jun 30, 2 01 28 PMto me! Here is a quick blurb from it..”if people like their job, do they talk about it? If you personally go to a restaurant you like, do you tell your friends about it? If you find a store whose clothing you have fallen in love with, do you share it? What about a new recipe you just tried that your family enjoyed…you probably have shared this with your co-workers and friends, no? If this is the case, then every single one of us are involved in some type of pyramid scheme. God help us all.” 😉 Make sense now?!

Recently I read a wonderful post on Unhushed Wanderlust about how everything happens at the right time. It talked about how “Life has a funny way of making the right things happen whether you want them to or not.” This post resonated with me because when I made the decision to also share essential oils here on my blog, I did really reallllly pray about it because I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision at the right time for me, for my family and for you who so kindly take this journey with me. Guess what? I am. If I had been working full time OUTSIDE of my home, I would not have been able to be at the hospital all of the time with my Momma Jane. I wouldn’t have been home either to call 911 when my husband Eric passed out and cracked his head open last month. This is exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now at this exact time in my life and it feels awesome!

I told another one of my BFF’s Taylor that after I left the radio station, I was just gonna remain #Faithful. We’d say it all of the time…it’s kinda been our littlefamily1 joke. I knew God had a plan for me and I would just wait and see what it was when HE was ready to show it to me. Well I feel like He did and now I am sharing it with you. I am so passionate about writing and sharing stories so that will not change annnnd I feel very passionately about essential oils too. So does this mean I am going to try and “sell you” to get on the essential oils train now? N to the O, no! It just means that now you know AND if you are curious…you know where to come to find out more. To me! 🙂 You can even come to one of our public classes if you’d like (make sure to keep an eye on Facebook for schedule) OR Eliza and I can come to your house and do one for you. Yesssss…they’re totally free. You can email me cindy@SurvivingMommy.com with questions orrrrr you can also peek around my essential oils website at www.mydoterra.com/survivingmommy So there ya go.

It’s so fun to keep growing and evolving and I appreciate your support of me and my family. Thank you! Thank you for letting me be 100% honest!

XO Surviving Mommy


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  • Tami says:

    I’m glad you’re doing something that you WANT to do. Not many folks get those options. I have another friend in Jasper who is also into essential oils. I’m not yet sure how I feel about them. I’ll re-visit it, though, when I get a few other things in my life resolved, which are of immediate concern.

    Go, YOU!!

    • Thanks so much Tami! I wasn’t sure how I felt about them either and now I am in love! That’s great you have a friend who is into them…if you ever have any questions, you can email me too! Happy day! (cindy@survivingmommy.com)

  • We need to do a joint party; you with oils and me with totes to store your oils in! I’ve done a few of those with my essential oil friends and they have been super successful! I guess I should tell you that I sell Thirty-One Gifts (bags, totes, purses, organizational products, etc)…that probably would’ve been helpful right off the bat! Lol
    But seriously let me know if you’d be interested in doing a party together! It’d be so much fun!!

  • Devoria says:

    Cindy, you are one of the most “genuine” people that I know. I love reading your blogs, especially when I get the time to really focus of what is said. I have a busy life too, because my mom has Alzheimer’s, and a boyfriend that wants my time, when he is not traveling. But when I do get that piece of quiet time to really read, I really enjoy them. I’m thinking of starting a blog, but first, I need to find the time (SMILE!). Other than that, you keep bringing the stories. They are really enjoyable!! ((HUGS))!

  • Alice Camejo says:

    Definitely going to check out your website!

  • Annette says:

    Thanks for the info Cindy. I use to dabble in essential oils and Bach elixirs and have been wanting to get back with it using pure oils. Do you know how well the Digesteze (think that’s how it was spelled) products work for gerd?

  • Stacie says:

    So happy for you. And glad you get to spend more time with your mom and your girls

  • Taylor says:

    This blog makes me SO happy! I’m so thrilled that you’re still remaining #Faithful and that God is using you in so many ways, including helping people live healthier lives! So proud of you! Xox

  • Michele says:

    I want to get into essential oils. I bought a diffuser but I don’t have a clue about the oils! I heard something about one that you can put on the bottom of your feet to help you sleep. My mom has Parkinson’s and can not sleep. I would love to get her something. Also I would like to have something to put in my diffuser to have a calming effect that I can use at night. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Michele! Love to hear about your interest in essential oils. I think for your mom you can try Lavender on her feet or Vetiver. I actually have a little roller bottle of Vetiver mixed with fractionated coconut oil by my bedside and use it whenever I am having sleep issues. I think diffusing lavender or the Serenity blend are both wonderful calming oils to use in your diffuser at night. Please email me anytime if you want to check them out at cindy@survivingmommy.com or cruise around my website https://www.mydoterra.com/survivingmommy

  • Stacey says:

    We no longer have school age children, so if you never go back to radio that’s fine with me. Your voice and laugh are eched in my memory. I’m interested in essential oils but not til our college commitments slow up. It’s so great when we can pursue several passions at once 😃

  • Donna9@gmail.com says:

    Cindy, if you could please write a blog on why or why not your wonderful new husband has adopted your oldest daughter, that would be so helpful. Your blogs on family issues like this help so many.

    That chigger thing is bad .

  • Hi Cindy! I am so happy you enjoyed my blog at Unhushed Wanderlust! It makes me so happy to hear that what I have to say can resonate with people so powerfully. It’s not always easy to leave the familiar and embark on the unknown, but it always works out in the end!

    • Madison, I am so happy your mom shared it on her page! Kudos to you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and for being honest. Not always easy to do. Looking forward to more! 🙂

  • Josie Long says:

    Cindy, I’ve basically been reading your #SurvivingMommyBlogs, ever since you started them.. This one blog however, is probably my most favorite one! Don’t get me wrong, I do miss listening to you on the radio, and I’d really like, and enjoy it if you would return back to the radio business.. However, you are doing what you absolutely LØVË, and something that you actually WANT to do! Furthermore, it’s something you can claim as your own business (in a way). You made your decision to leave #Star94 to be a full-time#Mommyblogger, and to spend more time with your 2 daughter, your Mom, and Eric. I’m very proud of you, and most of all I enjoy reading your #survivingmommyblogs!

    Josie.💕 💗 💞💙 💚 💛 💟 💝 💜 💓 💕 💖 ✍ 📰 📄 📃

  • Nancy says:

    I love your blogs! I love essential oils.. I am also a Doterra girl… Have about 65 bottles in my handmade little wooden chest….. I believe they help a lot.. However some of the claims to cure cancer with Frankincense and bring world peace ( lol) , not so sure…. I’m glad you found to do what you love!!!

    • HAHAHA Your post made me giggle. Yes, I’ve heard the same about Frankincense! 😉 But yes, I love them too!!! Glad you are in the doTerra family too! Thanks for your sweet words! 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    It is fun to learn more about you.

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