Yep. This is pretty much a big ol’ nightmare.

brokenfootYou know that old proverb…”before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes?” Well, I am definitely understanding that saying ALOT right now…although I really can’t walk a foot, much less a mile. Ha. When my mom went through Cancer many years ago, I thought I understood it because hello, I’m her daughter and I’m also a woman. That was until I had Cancer myself and realized how MUCH I truly did not understand the pain and suffering that is Cancer.

Well such is the case with my newly broken foot that I got from falling UP the stairs. (Takes true talent to do that!) I have NEVER broken anything before so I just assumed it happened, it hurt, you got a cast and called it a day. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Let me just break it down for you. I broke my RIGHT foot which means in addition to not being able to, oh I dunno, WALK, I also can’t drive. Anywhere. The orthopedic doctor told me I may not even be able to drive for up to three-four MONTHS. I can’t even. I work from home so that is good but I am the one who takes our girls to AND from school. I drive the girls to their Dr’s appts. I grocery shop. I am the errand runner. I am the Mom. I need to drive. On top of the mom and wife responsibilities, let’s talk about the shallow ones for a minute. I can’t meet a girlfriend for lunch or dinner. I can’t drive to a work meeting, work event, I basically can’t go anywhere BY MYSELF. I can’t just hop in the car and run to the Walmart or Target. I can’t just hop in the car and go ANYWHERE for months. It’s like being on house arrest. lol I’m like Teresa Giudice from Real Housewives of New Jersey! 😉

Just for giggles, let me share with you how just many things you CANNOT do with one foot…File Aug 15, 8 56 23 AM

Get up and down the stairs. Yep. My triceps are gonna be AH-mazeballs though after this with how many times I have to scoot up and down the stairs on my tush and having to use my arms to push me up and down. Yahhhhh, you know what’s also up the stairs? THE LAUNDRY MACHINES. So there is that.

Have you ever tried getting up from the potty with ONE foot? No? Yah, me either. Ladies (and gentleman) try it today. Really. Put your right foot out and try and push yourself up off the potty and then hop away on that left foot and then turn around and hop back and try and sit down using just your LEFT foot.

I can’t take my dog out to go to the bathroom. Thank God for sweet neighbors who come over and take him out. God Bless you Sandy, you are a lifesaver!

Do you know how hard it is to put Spanx all while balancing on your left foot?! lol I thought I had pretty good tree pose balance when I’ve done Yoga before but balancing that long while trying to File Aug 15, 8 57 44 AMpull your sausage casing Spanx up over your thighs…that’s a whole other level of difficulty. I was a hot sweaty mess after it was over.

Try brushing your teeth, getting dressed, washing your face, all while leaning on the counter and balancing on one foot. Your left one. I have never hopped so much in my life.

Because we ordered a chair with four small wheels for my mom for our Disney Birthday weekend trip for her, thankfully, I’ve been able to borrow that to get around but boy does that exhaust your left foot with having to push yourself around. I was also fortunate enough to borrow a knee scooter which is what I think I am gonna use for said Disney trip in less than three weeks. Thank you God for Heather, her fiance Kyle and Alisa for getting that scooter to me. So I have a knee scooter for downstairs and mom’s chair with wheels for upstairs. And thank you God also for Cast Coverz who is sending me a care package for my cast, my boot which I will get in a few weeks and then crutches. Crutches. Good gravy. Don’t even get me started. I could write a whole post on just how LAME I am on crutches. My arms hurt, I wobble, my underarms hurt. I really look like a complete and utter spaz on crutches. lol

I taught a Back to School Essentials Oils class this weekend because life has to go on so I did it from my wheelchair. But doing anything while in pain takes so much more energy. I was pretty exhausted after I was done. In fact, I’m pretty exhausted all of the time now.

Just getting the girls up and ready in the morning and wheeling around the kitchen on a knee scooter is insane. And my littlest one hasn’t even gone back to school yet.

Oh and the injuries you sustain while having a broken foot. Who knew?! I ran into the wall walking with my crutches. Stubbed my left toes while crutching. Learned the hard way NOT to wear flip flops anymore. I also ran over my left toes with my knee scooter, fell OFF the knee scooter and tried to catch myself with my RIGHT and BROKEN foot…yahhhh, that hurt. Rammed my left foot into the fridge and never mind how many times I have rammed my BROKEN cast foot into something. Yes I cried with every single one.

Plus the nausea from the pain. Sigh.

Sooooooo why am I telling you all of this? Because if you have NEVER broken anything, like I hadn’t…remember that saying…be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. You just don’tDIsneySMMCFamily know. It’s such a great saying for anything though. And is my battle hard? Am I trapped in my house? Sure, lol, but good gravy, it’s just a foot and it’s a total pain in the tush but I am alive! I don’t have Cancer anymore. My Momma Jane is feeling better and is able to help me with driving Lily to school and getting me around. Praise the Lord for her and for my neighbors and friends and their offers to help. I’m fiercely independent and I’m learning how to depend on others! It’s a good lesson! This has been the FOURTH time in less than four months that our family has gone to the ER but it’s life. We’ve had a rough 2016 but things can always be worse. In the scheme of our lives, this is just another blip on our radar and there are so many other people who need our prayers more. People who are truly suffering. So let’s be a little extra kind and pray a little extra hard for them today and appreciate what we have.

Not only are we going to Disney in a few weeks to do the Halloween party for the first time, we’re gonna celebrate my mom’s birthday, have quality family time AND celebrate life…together! La vie est belle….life is beautiful. Broken foot and all!

XO Surviving Mommy





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  • Taylor says:

    Way to keep your chin up Cindy! You’re an inspiration. Praying you heal fast! Xox 😘

  • Tami says:

    Yep…life gets tougher when you break ANY limb, foot or hand. I sprained my left foot at the same time I broke my right ankle. Try crutching on a sprained ankle. OUCH!!! It was almost 18 years ago, but I remember it like yesterday.

  • Cindy Pittman says:

    Try to borrow a walker. Turn it backwards and sit it over the toilet ( front of walker touching toilet tank.) The arms of the walker will give you arm support to help raise up off the potty. Sometimes you can find them for a few dollars at Goodwill. Hope that helps just a little. Try to enjoy this forced time to be still more than normal.

  • Sandra Boyett says:

    You are describing my life for the last two years. Yesterday was actually the second anniversary of breaking my hip. With all of my complications from the hip break and my on going back pain that I have dealt with since I was a child has gotten worse. I have not been to work or driven my car since August 14, 2014. I truly miss my job and the people I worked with for 31 years. I feel alone even when I have people around me…it is hard because I was a very active person. I love my family and all of the support and assistant they give me, but it is so hard to ask for help. I am at a point where I have to accept this as my life and try to do the best I can. I pray you heal quickly and have no other complications.

    • Gahhhhhh my BFF in Cali broke her hip right when I was going through Breast Cancer. I never really understood how bad it was because I was in my own hell however now that I have broken my foot, boy do I have 1/8th of an understanding. My foot pain is horrible. Can’t imagine your hip pain. Sigh. I’m so sorry Sandra!

  • Lady. Look. You’re going to have to scale back on being SuperMom for a while and just be, well, Cindy, with the broken foot. You have done enough for others that we are all more than happy to do for you. Seriously. Let’s just start a daily blog of things you need and let us all volunteer. I can cook you dinners for a week. You might not like them, but you’ll have them. 🙂 Or, you may have to skip the spanx for a month or so. It’ll be fine. Promise. It will not be fine if you re-injure yourself. So, knock off the extra stuff. Take the time to sit on that tush and write. We’ve got your back. Just tell us what you need.

  • ANTHONY says:


  • Michele says:

    You are ahhhmazing! I wasn’t able to drive for about 6 months then when I was able to I had to drive my husbands big truck because I have a 6 speed and it was my left foot. Trust me I know exactly how you feel. I had to get my friend to take me everywhere. I did use the motorized carts at the stores though! That had to be the highlight! It was very difficult but after it was over I was able to look back and say I made it! You will too! God Bless you and your journey you are on!

  • Nancy says:

    Girlfriend… 1)Why on earth are you wearing Spanx!!!!!! I have NEVER put a Spanx on in my almost 59 years … And never will…..2)drive medical walker with seat to handle your teeth brushing etc……….$79 on Amazon… So you look like you belong in an assisted living for a bit…. With your beautiful Spank-less legs!!!! It will help out SoO much.. ! Thankful u have sweet girls and hubby to help u…. And really hope u heal star super fast and can get back to Miss Independent very soon😍😍😍😍😍

    • Haaaaaaa Because I’m lame…that’s why Nancy! lol #NeverAgain And great idea for the medical walker for the bathroom. Thank you for your sweet post Nancy and for thinking of me!!! 🙂

  • Jonas Caddell says:

    Why did Eric call you up to the attic? What was going on in the attic that you ran up the stairs ?

  • April Monty says:

    I hear you,ive just had my second stroke which hit the same side as the first which apparently like never happens,so my left leg just kind of drags along,hope by the time you see this your better!

  • Dotty J Boucher says:

    I do hope you get well soon, I don’t think I ever broke anything on myself so sending much prayers and just think of this as you time,,

  • April Monty says:

    You all look so happy in your photos that’s really nice to see!

  • Sarah Vegetabile says:

    I hope you are feeling better! Now even Batman has to take a break (No pun meant) So put your super mom cape to rest for a bit and you will be back to taking over the world in no time!

  • krystel says:

    I hope yuo get well coon you look so happy in your photos

  • Lynne B says:

    I love how you face all these hurdles with a sense of humor. With everything you’ve been through, I found myself smiling at a number of your colorful descriptions. Keep on truckin’! (wow, is that a really old saying or what!)

  • Stephanie says:

    I’ve never broken a bone, but I have sliced open the bottom of my foot. I sucked big time.

  • Kelly says:

    I feel your pain. I have a paralyzed leg so although I can walk a few steps, I am mostly in a wheelchair. It is crazy to learn all the things you can’t do, and how much you have to alter your daily life. I love that you giggled about it. You can either laugh or cry and I am going with the laugh. It was so heartwarming to read this post and remember all those feelings.

  • Linda Manns Linneman says:

    These trials are always so difficult to go thru. You are so right, we can’t really understand things unless we go thru them ourselves. God uses our trials to help others down the road with their similar trials. I pray you heal quickly and completely. God Bless

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